Australia Players (O)


J Oades (Swan and Helena Districts Cricket Association)
CJG Oakes (Tasmania)
R Oakes (Hunter River, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
Oakley (Western Districts of Victoria)
Oakley (Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club)
AS Oakley (St Kilda)
B Oakley (New South Wales Country South-Western)
B Oakley (John Forrest Secondary College and Belfield Senior High School)
BS Oakley (Adelaide Strikers)
C Oakley (umpire)
C Oakley (Christ Church Grammar School, Perth)
H Oakley (Melbourne University)
HH Oakley (Victoria)
J Oakley (Tasmania Under-19s Women)
J Oakley (North Melbourne)
P Oakley (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
R Oakley (ANZUK Forces, New South Wales Country, New South Wales Western Districts, Singapore Cricket Association)
RE Oakley
T Oakley (Victoria)
JA Oakman (Collingwood)
D Oaten (Adelaide, South Australia XI)
J Oaten (Kensington)
R Oaten (Ormond)
A Oates (North Melbourne)
SL Oates (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-18s Women)
F Oatley (Armidale)
JN Oatley (New South Wales)
SN Oatley (Cumberland)
PJ O'Beirne (Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club, Melbourne University)
O O'Berg (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
M Oberoi (Western Suburbs)
SA Obey (Randwick)
B Oboured (umpire)
N O'Boyle (North, Tasmania Colts)
P O'Bree (North East Victoria)
R O'Brian (St Kevin's College, Melbourne)
O'Brien (Illawarra)
A O'Brien (North Queensland)
A O'Brien (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
AW O'Brien (Adelaide Strikers, Melbourne Renegades, New South Wales, South Australia)
B O'Brien (Leopold)
BJ O'Brien (Bassendean)
BM O'Brien (Carlton, Marylebone Cricket Club, Urmston, Victoria Second XI, Woodhall Spa)
C O'Brien (Young)
C O'Brien (Queensland Under-15s Women)
C O'Brien (Newborough Bulldogs)
CA O'Brien (Melbourne)
CJ O'Brien (New South Wales)
D O'Brien (Riverina Under-19s)
D O'Brien (Newcastle)
D O'Brien (Old Carey)
DE O'Brien (Australia Under-19s, Lytham, Queensland, Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Schoolboys 15s, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s, South Brisbane)
E O'Brien (Sydney Metropolitan)
EF O'Brien (New South Wales)
F O'Brien (North East Victoria, Victoria Country, Victoria North East Zone)
FP O'Brien (St Kilda)
G O'Brien (Murray-Goulburn)
H O'Brien (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
J O'Brien (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania)
J O'Brien (Moss Vale, Newcastle)
J O'Brien (North Sydney)
J O'Brien (Richmond)
K O'Brien (South Australia Women)
KR O'Brien (North Melbourne)
L O'Brien (Australian Capital Territory Women)
LA O'Brien (Richmond)
LJ O'Brien (New South Wales)
LPJ O'Brien (Australia, Victoria)
M O'Brien (Kookaburras, Western Australia Colts)
M O'Brien (New South Wales Far North Coast)
M O'Brien (Tamworth)
MD O'Brien (Sutherland)
ME O'Brien (G Anderson's XI)
MP O'Brien (umpire)
N O'Brien (Victoria Under-17s)
PG O'Brien (Melbourne)
R O'Brien (Queensland)
R O'Brien (umpire)
R O'Brien (McKinnon)
S O'Brien (North Melbourne)
SG O'Brien (Alderley Edge, Camberwell Magpies, Cheadle, St Kilda, Victoria Institute of Sport)
ST O'Brien (North Queensland Country Under-19s, North Queensland Under-19s)
T O'Brien (Goulburn)
T O'Brien (South Australia Country, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
T O'Brien (North Melbourne)
T O'Brien (Greenvale Kangaroos)
TM O'Brien (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, Footscray Edgewater, Footscray-Victoria University, Melbourne University, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
TW O'Brien (Melbourne University, University, Victoria Second XI)
W O'Brien (Northern New South Wales)
W O'Brien (Goulburn, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
ML Obst (Queensland Country, Redlands, South Queensland)
MT Obst (Barossa, Western Australia Country)
RA Obst (Essendon, Footscray Edgewater)
DC O'Byrne (University)
M O'Byrne (Tasmania Under-19s)
MB O'Byrne (South Melbourne)
PA O'Byrne (Lane Cove)
S O'Byrne (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania Under-19s)
GP O'Callaghan (Melbourne)
P O'Callaghan (Horsham)
PG O'Callaghan (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
B O'Carroll (Frankston Peninsula, Victoria Under-17s)
WJ Oches (Cairns Invitation XI, Innisfail Invitation XI)
A Ockenden (Williamstown)
A O'Connell (Western Australia Under-19s Women)
A O'Connell (South Melbourne)
BG O'Connell (Australian Capital Territory, Illawarra)
BT O'Connell (Carlton, Ipswich Pioneers, Queensland Country, Queensland Country Under-19s, Redlands, South Queensland, South Queensland Under-19s)
D O'Connell (St Kevin's College, Melbourne)
DB O'Connell (New South Wales Country)
JT O'Connell (Camberwell Magpies)
M O'Connell (New South Wales Near North-South Second XI, Newcastle and Hunter Valley)
MG O'Connell (umpire)
RJ O'Connell (Queensland Colts)
TJ O'Connell (Eastern Downs, Sandgate-Redcliffe, Toowoomba)
TR O'Connell (South Australia)
AC O'Connor (Midland-Guildford)
AJ O'Connor (Tasmania Country)
B O'Connor (Northcote)
BRD O'Connor (Queensland)
C O'Connor (Australian Imperial Forces)
C O'Connor (New South Wales Country, Northern New South Wales)
C O'Connor (umpire)
CC O'Connor (New South Wales Second XI)
CR O'Connor (umpire)
D O'Connor (Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
DFG O'Connor (South Australia, Tasmania)
H O'Connor (Ballarat)
H O'Connor (Bonbeach Tangy)
HW O'Connor (New South Wales Combined First Grade)
J O'Connor (Sunraysia Cricket Association)
JDA O'Connor (Australia, New South Wales, South Australia)
JW O'Connor (Victoria)
JW O'Connor (umpire)
K O'Connor (New South Wales Institute of Sport)
K O'Connor (umpire)
L O'Connor (New South Wales Under-17s)
L O'Connor (Western Australia, Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s)
LPD O'Connor (Queensland)
M O'Connor (umpire)
MW O'Connor (New South Wales Under-17s, University of New South Wales)
T O'Connor (Queensland Under-19s Women)
TH O'Connor (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association, Queanbeyan, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
W O'Connor (Burrowa)
DD Odd (Newcastle, University of Newcastle)
Oddy (Goulburn)
JS Oddy (Castlemaine)
DM O'Dea (umpire)
K O'Dea (Queensland Women)
S O'Dea (umpire)
L Odermatt (Combined Services)
A Odgers (Bendigo)
P Odgers (Western Australia Women)
T Odgers (New South Wales Under-19s Women)
NJ Odlum (umpire)
L O'Donahue (Grange)
A O'Donnell (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-17s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
BP O'Donnell (Western Australia Country)
F O'Donnell (Northern Border Cricket Association, Northern New South Wales)
F O'Donnell (Northcote)
GC O'Donnell (Ringwood)
IJ O'Donnell (University)
J O'Donnell (New South Wales Women)
JA O'Donnell (New South Wales Under-17s)
KJ O'Donnell (Ringwood)
M O'Donnell (Doubleview-Carine)
R O'Donnell (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
S O'Donnell (Monaro Cricket Association)
SP O'Donnell (Australia, Northumberland, Victoria)
V O'Donnell (North Sydney)
W O'Donnell (Hillston)
A O'Donoghue (Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club, North Melbourne, Victoria Colts)
J O'Donoghue (St Josephs)
R O'Donoghue (umpire)
O'Donohoe (Hobart Town)
J O'Donohue (Toowoomba)
B O'Dowd (Victoria Under-17s)
B O'Dowd (Sutherland, Sydney, Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
P O'Driscoll (South Australia Under-19s)
J O'Dwyer (Victoria Under-16s)
MJ O'Dwyer (Airport West St Christophers)
TE O'Dwyer (Western Australia)
ABT Oehlmann (Toowoomba)
NW Oelkers (Toowoomba)
J Offen (John Forrest Secondary College and Belfield Senior High School)
AP Officer (East Melbourne, Western Districts of Victoria)
JK Officer (Caloundra Invitation XI)
K Officer (Victoria Country)
SJ O'Flynn (Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club)
E Ogden (New South Wales Women)
GF Ogden (Melbourne, Northcote, Williamstown)
JA Ogden (Fitzroy, Murray-Goulburn, Victoria Country)
J Ogg (South Australia Women)
R Ogg (N Bergin's Tasmanian XI)
A Ogilvie (Richmond)
AD Ogilvie (Australia, Queensland)
AS Ogilvie
D Ogilvie (Melbourne University)
D Ogilvie (Western Australia Women)
G Ogilvie (Bendigo)
J Ogilvie (Victoria Country Cricket League Colts)
J Ogilvie (Upper Hutt)
JW Ogilvie (Northcote)
DS Ogilvy (New South Wales)
B Ogle (Essendon)
C Ogle (Australia Under-19s, Geelong, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-23s)
R Ogle (Campbelltown-Camden)
J O'Grady (Footscray Edgewater)
S O'Grady (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
T O'Grady (UTOFCC)
J O'Hallaran (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
B O'Halloran (Kew)
DF O'Halloran (Tasmania)
HD O'Halloran (umpire)
JP O'Halloran (Marylebone Cricket Club, Victoria)
P O'Halloran (Eastern Suburbs, Sydney University)
T O'Halloran (South Sydney)
TS O'Halloran (South Australia)
WM O'Halloran (Victoria)
O'Hanlon (Armidale)
O'Hanlon (Benalla)
GF O'Hanlon (University)
TJ O'Hanlon (Prahran, University)
WJ O'Hanlon (New South Wales)
O'Hara (Narrabri)
O'Hara (Australian Universities)
DJ O'Hara (Applecross)
JB O'Hara (Port Melbourne)
JC O'Hara (Tamworth)
JP O'Hara (University)
MR O'Hara (South Queensland Under-19s)
P O'Hara (Riverina and Murrumbidgee)
W O'Hara (South Melbourne)
WE O'Hara (Melbourne University, University)
AH O'Hara Wood (University)
H O'Hara Wood (University)
JD O'Hare (Dandenong, Prahran)
J O'Hearn (Hunter River)
J O'Hehir (Burrowa)
KJ O'Hehir (Carlton, Essendon)
C Ohlback (Goulburn)
PAP Ohlstrom (South Australia)
H Ohmsen (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
M O'Hurley (Northcote)
C O'Keefe (Bassendean)
J O'Keefe (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
J O'Keefe (Queensland Country)
JB O'Keefe (Richmond, Victoria XI)
MP O'Keefe (Footscray, Footscray Edgewater, Footscray-Victoria University, Prahran, Victoria, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Second XI)
R O'Keefe (New South Wales Far North Coast)
S O'Keefe (Hawkesbury)
SN O'Keefe (South Queensland Under-19s)
SNJ O'Keefe (Australia, New South Wales, Sydney Sixers)
A O'Keeffe (Burwood Briars)
FA O'Keeffe (New South Wales, Victoria)
G O'Keeffe (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women)
J O'Keeffe (Gold Coast, Southport Labrador)
KJ O'Keeffe (Australia, New South Wales, Somerset)
P O'Keeffe (Manly)
ST O'Keeffe (St Kilda)
MP O'Keefe (Yarraville)
GD Old (Victoria Youth)
M Old (Western Australia Under-19s Women)
Olden (South Australian Shell Cup XI)
H Oldfield (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
I Oldfield (Canberra Women)
J Oldfield (South Australia Women)
W Oldfield (Upper Hutt)
WAS Oldfield (Australia, New South Wales)
D Oldham (Central Gippsland Cricket Association, Leongatha Cricket Association, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association, Traralgon Cricket Association)
D Oldham (St Vincents)
G Oldham (East Melbourne)
HR Oldham (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, South Australia)
J Oldham (Ballarat)
W Oldham (Ballarat)
J Olding (scorer)
Oldmeadow (Queensland)
PG Oldmeadow (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
N Oldridge (Footscray Edgewater)
BJ Oldroyd (Western Australia)
A Olds (Western Australia Under-19s Women)
O'Leary (Dunolly)
A O'Leary (Coburg, Fitzroy, Northcote)
AM O'Leary (Newcastle)
B O'Leary (South Queensland Under-17s)
B O'Leary (umpire)
C O'Leary (Caulfield)
FX O'Leary (Richmond, University)
G O'Leary (South Australia Under-16s)
M O'Leary (South Australia Under-17s)
R O'Leary (Southern Tablelands)
S O'Leary (University)
SJ O'Leary (Queensland)
W O'Leary (Coburg)
M Olinjyk (New South Wales Under-16s)
TG Oliphant (Hamilton)
RC Olive (Northern Territory Under-17s)
Oliver (South Australia Country)
A Oliver (Hamilton-Wickham)
AG Oliver (Australia Schools, Australian Schoolboys Cricket Club, North Melbourne)
B Oliver (Tasmania Under-19s Women)
BC Oliver (Tasmania, Victoria)
C Oliver (Southern Districts)
C Oliver (Mount Pritchard-Southern Districts)
CNJ Oliver (New South Wales)
ES Oliver (umpire)
F Oliver (Mosman)
G Oliver (Charlestown)
KD Oliver (University, Victoria Colts)
L Oliver (Southern Districts)
M Oliver (Southern Districts)
P Oliver (North Queensland Country)
PB Oliver (Mackay)
RK Oliver (South Metropolitan Cricket Association)
S Oliver (Queensland Women)
S Oliver (Casino and Kyogle)
S Oliver (Royal Park and Brunswick)
S Oliver (Geelong School)
SB Oliver (Tasmania)
SM Oliver (Northern Territory)
SW Oliver (Essendon, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Youth)
T Oliver (Australian Club)
TG Oliver (North Queensland, North Queensland Colts, North Queensland Country, North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Country, Queensland Country Colts)
W Oliver (umpire)
AM Olliver (Essendon, Footscray, North Melbourne, Yarraville)
L Oloa (umpire)
O Oloa (umpire)
T O'Loan (Australian Universities)
D O'Loughlin (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
FH O'Loughlin (Williamstown)
J O'Loughlin (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
J O'Loughlin (Mirboo North)
NC O'Loughlin (Kensington)
P O'Loughlin (Fitzroy, Melbourne Juniors)
S O'Loughlin (New South Wales Far West, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
AE Olsen (Darwin)
B Olsen (Gosford)
G Olsen (Sydney, Sydney Metropolitan)
MN Olsen (Gravesend, Gravesend Second XI, Western Australia Academy, Western Australia Second XI, Western Australia Under-19s)
P Olsen (New South Wales Colts)
R Olsen (Queensland Under-16s)
RW Olsen (Western Australia Institute of Sport Colts)
L Olsson (Australian Transplant A, Australian Transplant B)
S Olston (Maffra, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
S Olufson (umpire)
PE Olver (Northcote)
JF Olzard (Queensland Under-17s)
A O'Malley (New South Wales Central Coast)
B O'Malley (Southern Tablelands)
PA O'Malley (Australian Old Collegians, New South Wales Country, Riverina)
WJ O'Malley (Kensington)
M O'Malveney (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
PK O'Malveney (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
DM Oman (Australian Old Collegians, Corangamite, Geelong, Prahran, Victoria Country)
GG Oman (Geelong, Kent Second XI, Kent Under-25s, St Kilda)
E O'Mara (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women)
H O'Meagher (Australian Capital Territory)
H O'Meagher (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
P O'Meagher (scorer)
A O'Meara (Noble Park)
CP O'Meara (Frankston Peninsula)
E O'Meara (Victoria White Under-17s Women)
J O'Meara (Trafalgar)
L O'Meara (Australian Capital Territory Women)
P O'Meara (Victoria Select XI Women)
PA O'Meara (Western Australia)
GJP O'Mullane (Victoria)
JB O'Neal (New South Wales School Teachers)
O'Neil (Australian Old Collegians)
A O'Neil (New South Wales Women)
AV O'Neil (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-18s Women)
F O'Neil (Monaro Cricket Association)
MJ O'Neil (Western Australia)
W O'Neil (umpire)
O'Neill (Inglewood)
A O'Neill (Cooma)
C O'Neill (Tamworth)
C O'Neill (Elsternwick)
C O'Neill (Melbourne)
DI O'Neill (scorer)
G O'Neill (Footscray)
GJ O'Neill (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
H O'Neill (Shoalhaven)
JB O'Neill (New South Wales Teachers, Sydney Teachers)
K O'Neill (North Queensland Colts)
K O'Neill (umpire)
KI O'Neill (South Australia)
KV O'Neill (scorer)
MD O'Neill (New South Wales, Western Australia)
MW O'Neill (umpire)
NCL O'Neill (Australia, New South Wales)
P O'Neill (umpire)
R O'Neill (Elsternwick)
R O'Neill (Melbourne)
S O'Neill (Thomson)
T O'Neill (New South Wales Women Second XI)
TA O'Neill (Merewether)
TS O'Neill (Essendon)
W O'Neill (Riverina Under-19s)
W O'Neill (umpire)
WL O'Neill (Fitzroy, Fitzroy-Doncaster, Footscray)
WP O'Neill (umpire)
L Onley (umpire)
AJ Onlow (Camden)
G Onslow (Newcastle)
JD Onslow (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
JM Onslow (Camden)
Onus (Newcastle)
C Onus (Maitland, Northern Districts of New South Wales, West Maitland)
C Onus (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
TA Onus (Bathurst, Maitland, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
BA Onyons (Victoria)
OV Oostermeyer (St Kilda)
J Openshaw (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
R Openshaw (Australian Sports Gateway XI)
EK Opie (South Australia, South Australia Second XI, South Australia Under-19s, South Australia Under-23s)
J Opie (St Kilda)
W Opie (Northam and Country Districts)
D Oppenheim (umpire)
L Oppenshaw (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
BJ Opperman (Australia Under-19s, South Australia Second XI, South Australia Under-19s)
PW Opperman (South Coast-West Moreton)
DG Orange (Queensland Country, Queensland Country Under-19s, South Queensland, South Queensland Under-19s)
B Orchard (Australia Women)
J Orchard (Sturt)
J Orchard (North Clare)
JR Orchard (South Australia, South Australia Second XI)
V Orchard (Geelong)
W Orchard (Geelong)
B O'Regan (Western Australia Under-17s)
C O'Regan (Woodville South)
F O'Regan (Richmond)
G O'Regan (Australian Capital Territory Under-16s)
JB O'Regan (New South Wales)
O'Reilly (Cumberland)
O'Reilly (Parramatta)
AT O'Reilly (Tamworth)
ED O'Reilly (Immigrants, Officers of the 4th Regiment and Gentlemen Immigrants)
JK O'Reilly (South Australia Under-17s Women)
JW O'Reilly (New South Wales)
N O'Reilly (scorer)
P O'Reilly (Northern District)
PA O'Reilly (Barossa, South Australia Country)
PR O'Reilly (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, Canberra)
WJ O'Reilly (Australia, New South Wales)
AR Orford (Brighton)
G Orford (South, Tasmania)
NL Orford (Brighton)
D Organ (Northern Territory Under-19s)
J Organ (Northcote)
L Orlovich (St George)
W Orme (New South Wales Country, Southern New South Wales)
T Ormerod (Essendon, Melbourne)
WH Ormerod (Essendon)
F Ormsby (Fitzroy)
JK Ormston (Footscray)
O'Rourke (Wollongong)
DR O'Rourke (Queensland Colts)
J O'Rourke (Coburg)
MP O'Rourke (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Second XI, Darwen, Gordon)
P O'Rourke (umpire)
P O'Rourke (Newcastle)
PL O'Rourke (Stockton and Northern Districts)
Orr (The Ovens)
Orr (Returned Soldiers)
A Orr (Australian Capital Territory)
James Orr (Bendigo)
John Orr (Bendigo)
JP Orr (umpire)
M Orr (Victoria Country)
RD Orr (Victoria Country)
TJM Orr (Queensland Colts, Queensland Under-17s)
WL Orr (South)
Orridge (The Ovens)
R Orsino (Preston)
S Orth (Tasmania Women)
T Ortiz (North West Sydney, Sydney, Sydney Third XI)
K Orvis (Collingwood)
L Orvis (Victoria Under-17s)
T Orwin (Victoria Under-17s Women)
Osborn (Geelong)
EP Osborn (University)
FE Osborn (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
FJ Osborn (South Australia)
Osborne (Royal Australian Artillery)
Osborne (Geelong)
Osborne (39th Regiment)
Osborne (umpire)
BA Osborne (Ringwood, Victoria Under-17s)
C Osborne (St Bernard's Old Collegians)
CH Osborne (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
CS Osborne (Australian Capital Territory)
DR Osborne (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
DR Osborne (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
E Osborne (New South Wales Second XI)
EA Osborne (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
EC Osborne (Cambridge University)
EJ Osborne (South Melbourne)
G Osborne (Northern Territory Under-17s)
J Osborne (scorer)
J Osborne (Bohemians)
L Osborne (Sydney Metropolitan)
M Osborne (Victoria)
N Osborne (Illawarra)
NM Osborne (Victoria)
NW Osborne (Mosman)
P Osborne (Victoria Country)
RH Osborne (New South Wales)
RM Osborne (Victoria)
S Osborne (Wurruk)
T Osborne (Sandhurst)
T Osborne (St George, Sydney Metropolitan)
W Osborne (umpire)
WS Osborne (Bendigo)
B Osbourne (Australia Masters)
E Osbourne (New South Wales Schools)
DB O'Shannassy (North Melbourne)
DW O'Shannassy (North Melbourne)
P O'Shannassy (Melbourne Juniors)
RM O'Shannassy (South Australia)
C O'Shannessy (New South Wales Under-17s, UTS-Balmain)
O'Shaughnessy (Australian Services)
B O'Shaughnessy (Western Australia)
J O'Shaughnessy (Australian Services)
KM O'Shaughnessy (scorer)
K O'Shaunessy (scorer)
O'Shea (Gippsland)
O'Shea (Sydney Juniors)
BM O'Shea (Carlton, Richmond, Victoria Under-17s)
D O'Shea (Crusaders)
DFJ O'Shea (Hawthorn-Monash University, Northcote, Victoria Under-19s)
J O'Shea (umpire)
LB O'Shea (Caldy, Tasmania Second XI, Tasmania Under-19s, Tring Park)
M O'Shea (Essendon)
T O'Shea (Queensland Colts, Queensland Country)
B Osland (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
H Osland (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
O Osland (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
S Osman (Stanley Cricket Association)
B Osseweyer (umpire)
Osterman (Ballarat)
O'Sullivan (Australian Old Collegians)
O'Sullivan (New Lambton XI)
A O'Sullivan (Queensland Schoolboys 15s, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
AD O'Sullivan (Western Suburbs)
B O'Sullivan (Newcastle, Northern New South Wales)
BD O'Sullivan (Queensland Colts)
BJ O'Sullivan (North Melbourne, Northcote)
C O'Sullivan (Manly)
CM O'Sullivan (Carlton)
DC O'Sullivan (Footscray Edgewater)
G O'Sullivan (Queensland Women)
GM O'Sullivan (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-17s Women)
GR O'Sullivan (New South Wales Country, New South Wales North Coast)
J O'Sullivan (Ipswich Pioneers)
JJP O'Sullivan (scorer)
K O'Sullivan (Australian Capital Territory Women)
K O'Sullivan (New South Wales Under-15s Women Second XI)
M O'Sullivan (Sydney, Sydney University)
MB O'Sullivan (Essendon)
MJ O'Sullivan (North Melbourne, Northcote, Victoria Colts)
MM O'Sullivan (Congleton, Footscray Edgewater, North Melbourne, Northcote)
PL O'Sullivan (Prahran)
R O'Sullivan (Western Australia Under-17s)
R O'Sullivan (Ipswich Pioneers)
S O'Sullivan (South Caulfield)
TDB O'Sullivan (Northcote, St Kilda)
Oswald (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
L Oswald (Victoria Country)
NH Oswald (South Australia)
R Oswald (umpire)
LG Oswald-Jacobs (Australia Under-19s, Pelsall, South Australia Second XI, South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
TS Oswin (Gympie, Maryborough)
K O'Toole (Newcastle Colts)
M Otrakdjian (umpire)
K Otte (umpire)
K Otte (New South Wales Country Second XI)
ML Ottewill (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
C Otto (Queensland Academy of Sport)
E Otto (Randwick-Petersham)
L Ottoway (Goulburn)
CW Outen (Williamstown)
J Outen (Ballarat)
J Outhart (Boisdale-Briagolong)
WS Outram (London Australian XI)
W Outred (Warringah)
TM Outridge (Western Australia)
I Outtrim (umpire)
T Ovadia (Victoria Under-17s)
DE Ovenden (Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Colts)
T Ovens (Northern Territory, Sidmouth, South Perth, Western Australia Under-17s)
Over (Geelong)
CE Over (Melbourne, Richmond)
W Over (Victoria)
MR Overall (South Australia Under-17s)
PG Overman (Essendon)
A Overton (Western Australia Under-15s Women, Western Australia Under-18s Women)
C Owen (scorer)
C Owen (Fitzroy)
CJ Owen (South Australia)
CT Owen (Northcote, Victoria Country)
F Owen (Australian Universities)
H Owen (Ballarat)
H Owen (umpire)
J Owen (Brighton)
K Owen (Australian Capital Territory Women)
K Owen (Wanderers)
KA Owen (New South Wales)
L Owen (Traralgon Cricket Association)
M Owen (UTS-Balmain)
NW Owen (Fitzroy-Doncaster)
R Owen (Tasmania Second XI, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s, Tasmania Under-23s)
T Owen (New South Wales School Teachers)
T Owen (Nevilles and Cecils)
A Owens (New South Wales Women)
E Owens (Waratah-Mayfield)
J Owens (Australia Women, International XI Women, Western Australia Women)
MD Owens (Strathfield)
PNJ Owens (North Queensland Colts, Queensland Country Colts)
AG Owen-Smyth (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
AJ Oxenford (Queensland Country)
BNJ Oxenford (Queensland)
IB Oxenford (Queensland)
LE Oxenham (Queensland)
RK Oxenham (Australia, Queensland)
MP Oxford (Western Australia Country)
PR Oxlade (Corangamite, Geelong, Victoria Country)
G Oxley (scorer)
J Oxley (New Town)
M Oxley (Burwood Briars)
RA Oxworth (South Melbourne)





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