Tours in 2004/05

Australia in India 2004/05
Australia in New Zealand 2004/05
Australia Under-23s Women in Sri Lanka 2004/05
Australia Women in India 2004/05
Bangladesh A in United Arab Emirates 2004/05
Bangladesh A in Zimbabwe 2004/05
Bengal Under-15s in Bangladesh 2004/05
British Police in South Africa 2004/05
Chorleywood in Spain 2004/05
Club Cricket Conference in West Indies 2004/05
Combined Services in New Zealand 2004/05
England A in Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates 2004/05
England in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe 2004/05
England Under-19s in India and Malaysia 2004/05
England Women in South Africa 2004/05
FICA World XI in New Zealand 2004/05
India in Bangladesh 2004/05
Lashings World XI in South Africa 2004/05
Leicestershire in Pakistan 2004/05
Loughton in West Indies 2004/05
Marylebone Cricket Club in Namibia and Uganda 2004/05
Marylebone Cricket Club in Singapore and Malaysia 2004/05
Midlands Club Cricket Conference in South Africa 2004/05
Namibia in Zimbabwe 2004/05
New Zealand A in South Africa 2004/05
New Zealand in Australia 2004/05
New Zealand in Bangladesh 2004/05
New Zealand Women in Australia 2004/05
Nomads in East Africa 2004/05
Nomads in Spain 2004/05
Pakistan A in Namibia and Zimbabwe 2004/05
Pakistan A in Sri Lanka 2004/05
Pakistan in Australia 2004/05
Pakistan in India 2004/05
Pakistan in West Indies 2004/05
South Africa in India 2004/05
South Africa in West Indies 2004/05
Sri Lanka Cricket Academy in Bangladesh 2004/05
Sri Lanka Emerging Players in United Arab Emirates 2004/05
Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2004/05
Sri Lanka in Pakistan 2004/05
Sri Lanka Under-19s in Pakistan 2004/05
Sydney University in India and Sri Lanka 2004/05
The Forty Club in South Africa 2004/05
The Forty Club in United Arab Emirates 2004/05
West Indies in Australia 2004/05
West Indies Women in South Africa 2004/05
Zimbabwe A in Namibia 2004/05
Zimbabwe in Bangladesh 2004/05
Zimbabwe in Pakistan 2004/05
Zimbabwe in South Africa 2004/05





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