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Old Trafford, Manchester - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

734-5dLancashire v Middlesex2003f47396
676-7dLancashire v Hampshire1911f8308
656-8dAustralia v England1964f25392
655-6dLancashire v Essex2005f48742
650-6dLancashire v Northamptonshire2014f55681
627-9dEngland v Australia1934f14672
611England v Australia1964f25392
610-6dYorkshire v Lancashire2014f55739
600-6dLancashire v Northamptonshire2001f45983
598Lancashire v Warwickshire2002f46745
597London County v Lancashire1903f6113
593Lancashire v Hampshire2017f57931
591Worcestershire v Lancashire1994f41243
589-8dEngland v Pakistan2016f57185
588-4Lancashire v Surrey1928f12312
587-9dLancashire v Derbyshire1996f42499
580Lancashire v Somerset1904f6387
577Derbyshire v Lancashire1896f4546
575-6dLancashire v Warwickshire2003f47359
571-8dEngland v India1936f15485
567Surrey v Lancashire1928f12312
567Lancashire v Glamorgan2013f54901
564-9dLancashire v Glamorgan1938f16158
563Sussex v Lancashire1992f40131
561-8dLancashire v Sussex1997f43157
560Nottinghamshire v Lancashire1993f40602
558-6dLancashire v Somerset1910f7945
557Surrey v Lancashire1887f3136
556-7dLancashire v Surrey1902f5875
553-8dSomerset v Lancashire2016f57234
552-5dSouth Africa v England1998f43776
548-6dAustralians v Lancashire1961f23818
546Lancashire v Derbyshire1898f5008
544Middlesex v Lancashire2003f47396
537Lancashire v Yorkshire2005f48777
536-9dEssex v Lancashire2005f48742
534-9Lancashire v Surrey1933f14233
531Lancashire v Kent1906f6877
528-4dLancashire v Northamptonshire1928f12245
528-6dLancashire v Derbyshire1920f9641
528-8dYorkshire v Lancashire1939f16490
527-7dAustralia v England2013f54912
522-9dLancashire v Surrey1927f11968
521-8dSouth Africa v England1955f20971
519England v India1990f38859
515-9dDurham v Lancashire1993f40497
515Lancashire v London County1903f6113
512England v Sri Lanka2002f46653
511Lancashire v Indians1974f30093
510Gloucestershire v Lancashire1927f11906
509-9dLancashire v Yorkshire1926f11707
506Lancashire v Sussex1928f12303
506Lancashire v Durham1997f43045
505-9dPakistan v England1992f40004
505Yorkshire v Lancashire1995f41872
504-5dLancashire v Warwickshire1930f13202
504-5dNottinghamshire v Lancashire1949f18398
504-8dLancashire v Warwickshire2017f57986
501-6dWest Indies v England1963f24778
501-9dLancashire v Warwickshire1921f9983
500West Indies v England1984f35305

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