Adelaide Oval, Adelaide - Highest Team Totals in Test cricket

674Australia v India1947/48t294
624Pakistan v Australia1983/84t970
620-5dEngland v Australia2010/11t1983
616West Indies v Australia1968/69t645
604-7dAustralia v India2011/12t2031
595South Africa v Australia1963/64t553
585Australia v Pakistan1972/73t704
582Australia v England1920/21t137
575-8dAustralia v New Zealand2004/05t1723
573Australia v England1897/98t55
570-9dAustralia v England2013/14t2105
563Australia v India2007/08t1863
556Australia v India2003/04t1673
552-9dAustralia v England2002/03t1628
551-6dEngland v Australia2006/07t1819
550Australia v South Africa2012/13t2061
535Australia v New Zealand2008/09t1896
533Australia v West Indies1968/69t645
530Australia v South Africa1952/53t364
528Australia v India1980/81t894
526India v Australia2007/08t1863
523India v Australia2003/04t1673
520India v Australia1985/86t1032
517-7dAustralia v India2014/15t2148
517Australia v West Indies1996/97t1352
517South Africa v Australia1997/98t1397
516Australia v England1965/66t600
515Australia v West Indies1988/89t1114
514-5dAustralia v England1986/87t1060
513Australia v South Africa1931/32t215
513Australia v England2006/07t1819
506Australia v England1907/08t98
505Australia v India1977/78t816
502-9dAustralia v Sri Lanka1995/96t1324
501England v Australia1911/12t118






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