Derek Parker's The Pained Willow out on Kindle
by Nigel Stockley

Player:DV Parker

DateLine: 19th February 2013


Former Nelson professional Derek Parker has published his latest book entitled 'The Pained Willow' on Kindle.

The book is semi-autobiographical relating the exploits of a League Cricket Professional in the North of England.

Although many of the events and amusing incidents did happen, some literary licence has been applied.

The book took ten months to complete. Derek decided to write it the story because most stories on cricket are about people who have succeeded rather than those who 'blew' it because of drink and no respect of authority.

Derek's other books on Kindle are:

'Living To Die'; a novel about the rise and fall of a rock band in the North of England.

'A Trying Time'; a novel about the conflicts a young man goes through in his efforts to become a professional Rugby League player.

'Women'; a collection of short stories illustrating dilemmas faced by six different women.

'The Poetry of Sport'; a collection of contemporary football and rugby league poems with both a light-hearted and thoughtful take on the two sports.


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