Kumble wanted his players to be de-stressed before tough Windies tour
by Bipin Dani

Player:MS Dhoni, V Kohli
Event:India in West Indies 2016

DateLine: 4th July 2016


Mumbai, July 4 : Anil Kumble wanted his players be de-stressed before going on West Indies tour and hence the fun-session was organised with the Drumjam, according to Vasundhara Das, the singer and an actress, who along with her experts had rhythm-based activities with the team in Bangalore.


Speaking exclusively over her mobile from Bangalore on Monday afternoon, the 39-year-old Vasundhara Das says, "Anil Kumble was keen to understand the positives that the team would be able to take from such a session but emphasised that the team is under constant stress and it was really important for them de-stress and have a lot of fun. He reached out to us and wanting to have an fun interactive activity with the Indian Cricket Team. We at Drumjam were more than happy to facilitate a session for him".


A Drumjam is an experiential interactive session where participants (most of the time novices and non musicians) are seated in a circle or in concentric circles, each playing a drum or a percussion instrument, connecting with each other in a spontaneous, fun and safe environment, communicating with rhythm, music and singing and not many words.


"Human civilisation has been engaged in drum circles from the very beginning as a primal means of communication, bonding and brotherhood and, in present times, when applied to a group of individuals working towards achieving a common goal, like the Indian Cricket Team, this activity brings them together, helps them de-stress, encourages them to be creative, energizes them and motivates them to work together as a team", she added.


"A team is a group of individuals. The strength of each individual and how that strength is harnessed defines the strength of the team. In the context of a Drumjam, each individual plays a groove or sings a melody and a facilitator works with them to help them get in sync with each other to bring about a unified rhythm or song. Juxtapose this with the workings of a Cricket Team. Each player has his strengths and has to work in tandem with his team mates and the coach and support staff towards achieving a common goal. A Drumjam helps to unify the team. Through the session the team was having a tangible human connection, looking at each other, listening to each other, supporting each other towards achieving a unified rhythm. When you are dealing with highly motivates and gifted athletes, it is very easy to get them in sync with each other since they are already team players. In that context, the Drumjam session with the Indian Team was a session in reinforcement of the human spirit in body, mind and soul", she added further.


"Having gone through the session, Anil asked his team captains to share their thoughts. MS Dhoni emphasised the fun that was had and the energy created during the Drumjam and spoke about how he wanted the team to carry the same energy and spirit onto the pitch".


"Virat Kohli spoke about how this was not just about drumming, music or cricket, but about fundamental life lessons learnt during the session.


"This was definitely the first time for the Drumjam Team to be conducting a session for a professional sports body like the Indian Cricket Team", she signed off.


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