Hanif Mohammad very sick : put on ventilator
by Bipin Dani

Player:Hanif Mohammad

DateLine: 9th August 2016


Cricket legend Hanif Mohammad, 81, placed on a ventilator to assist breathing
Cricket legend Hanif Mohammad, 81, placed on a ventilator to assist breathing
Bipin Dani
Mumbai, Aug. 9 : Former Pakistan captain and original Little Master Hanif Mohammad is very sick, according to his London-based daughter Seema.


Speaking exclusively over her mobile from London on Monday morning, she said, "my dad is very sick and is put on ventilator".


Owing to the chest infection. the 81-year-old India-born Hanif Mohammad was admitted to Karachi's Aga Khan Hospital last week. He underwent cancer related liver surgery in London in 2013.


"He has been facing breathing difficulty and we pray for his recovery", she said.


The married daughter was planning to visit her dad during the last week of this month and Hanif Mohammad had invited her to be with the family for the Eid festivals.


"I am pre-planning my visit and leaving for Karachi to-day itself", she said.


Hanif Mohammad's son and former Pak selector Shoaib Mohammad too has expressed concern for his dad's deteriorating health.


"Till Saturday he was fine and cheerful. But his health worsened yesterday. His cough sample has been taken and CT scans have been done".


"Because of his longer (than expected) stay in the hospital, the infection developed in the body is very strong and he is finding it difficult to breathe and therefore he is kept on ventilator", added Shoaib Mohammad.


Hanif Mohammad has also been advised to have injections from India or Europe. "That is a secondary thing at the moment. It is the chest infection he is dealing with now and he was admitted for that", the daughter said.


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