Football-style celebration comes to Twenty-20
by Jeff Green

Scorecard:Surrey v Warwickshire

DateLine: 19th July 2005


The scores are tied.
We are ready for the first bowl-out in a Twenty20- match.
Five bowlers from each side to have two balls each.


Dougie Brown goes first for Warwickshire
A dreadful ball off a 5 pace run, misses the offstump by about 2 yards
A better attempt from a similar run, but it's too short and bounces over the stumps


Salisbury starts for Surrey
misses with a full toss extremely close to off stump
pitches full this time and just misses


Streak for Warwicks
Short run, short wide ball
he hits! pitches full and hits middle and leg halfway up


Ormond now slightly roundarm and pushes it wide
very slow ball pitches alongside legstump


Carter bowls a head high fulltoss!
good attempt just slides past offstump


Doshi pitches on off and spins away
pitches on middle very full and it spins miles to miss!


Loudon offbreak pitched outside off, no turn at all
goes for a fuller ball but it started wide


Murtagh pitches too short and it clears offstump
hits exactly halfway up middle stump


Pretorius Gets it right straight away hits top of middle and leg
goes for a slower ball and misses past leg


Azhar Mahmood rubs his hand in the dust before going back for a short run and knocks out the leg stump
just misses the off stump


Now we have sudden death


Pretorius hits the outside of the offstump with what appeared to be an offbreak


Azhar Mahmood seamer, pitches in line and hits the top of middle and off


Streak to try next has to wait while Batty jogs back with the ball, misses well outside off


Murtagh, usually Mr Cool at the end Hits middle and off! Runs to the crowd tearing his shirt off!


The first bowl out in Twenty20 history ends with the first sudden death bowlout and then the first football style celebration!



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