Fielding in Hallyburton Johnstone Shield 1950/51 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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VMH Farrell (Well)3336
JM McAulay (Cant)34 4
P Blackler (Cant)33 3
JW Francis (Well)33 3
TDMM Sew Hoy (Ot)3123
EE Blackie (Ot)32 2
BE Fuller (Well)22 2
CM Garland (Ot)32 2
NM Haynes (Cant)32 2
PN Moore (Cant)32 2
EA Paton (Ot)32 2
IJ Powell (Auck)3112
GA Sutherland (Well)32 2
D Budd (Ot)11 1
VE Burt (Auck)31 1
VR Coutts (Well)31 1
D de Clive Lowe (Auck)31 1
MJ Fulford (Well)31 1
ZE Hocking (Cant)31 1
IM Lamason (Well)31 1
RU McKenzie (Auck)31 1
FP Pentecost (Cant)11 1
PD Robinson (Auck)31 1
DJ Rollo (Cant)21 1
M Scott (Ot)31 1
EM Sinclair (Ot)31 1
SJ Thorner (Well)31 1
MA Tini (Cant)3011
N Walker (Auck)31 1





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