Birmingham and District Premier League Division One 2016

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

30 Apr 2016  Attock v Sutton Coldfield Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679230
30 Apr 2016  Barnards Green v Smethwick Barnards Green misc679231
30 Apr 2016  Bridgnorth v Moseley Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679232
30 Apr 2016  Dorridge v Brockhampton Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679233
30 Apr 2016  Old Hill v Bromsgrove Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679234
30 Apr 2016  Wellington v Himley Orleton Park, Wellington misc679235
07 May 2016  Brockhampton v Bridgnorth The Parks, Brockhampton misc679236
07 May 2016  Bromsgrove v Attock St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679237
07 May 2016  Himley v Barnards Green Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679238
07 May 2016  Moseley v Dorridge Scorers, Shirley misc679239
07 May 2016  Smethwick v Old Hill Broomfield, Smethwick misc679240
07 May 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Wellington Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679241
14 May 2016  Barnards Green v Bridgnorth Barnards Green misc679242
14 May 2016  Brockhampton v Smethwick The Parks, Brockhampton misc679243
14 May 2016  Dorridge v Attock Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679244
14 May 2016  Moseley v Sutton Coldfield Scorers, Shirley misc679245
14 May 2016  Old Hill v Himley Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679246
14 May 2016  Wellington v Bromsgrove Orleton Park, Wellington misc679247
21 May 2016  Attock v Old Hill Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679248
21 May 2016  Barnards Green v Moseley Barnards Green misc679249
21 May 2016  Bridgnorth v Wellington Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679250
21 May 2016  Himley v Bromsgrove Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679251
21 May 2016  Smethwick v Dorridge Broomfield, Smethwick misc679252
21 May 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Brockhampton Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679253
28 May 2016  Brockhampton v Barnards Green The Parks, Brockhampton misc679254
28 May 2016  Bromsgrove v Dorridge St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679255
28 May 2016  Moseley v Himley Scorers, Shirley misc679256
28 May 2016  Old Hill v Wellington Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679257
28 May 2016  Smethwick v Attock Broomfield, Smethwick misc679258
28 May 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Bridgnorth Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679259
04 Jun 2016  Barnards Green v Old Hill Barnards Green misc679260
04 Jun 2016  Bromsgrove v Sutton Coldfield St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679261
04 Jun 2016  Dorridge v Bridgnorth Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679262
04 Jun 2016  Himley v Brockhampton Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679263
04 Jun 2016  Moseley v Smethwick Scorers, Shirley misc679264
04 Jun 2016  Wellington v Attock Orleton Park, Wellington misc679265
11 Jun 2016  Attock v Himley Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679266
11 Jun 2016  Bridgnorth v Bromsgrove Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679267
11 Jun 2016  Brockhampton v Moseley The Parks, Brockhampton misc679268
11 Jun 2016  Dorridge v Barnards Green Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679269
11 Jun 2016  Smethwick v Wellington Broomfield, Smethwick misc679270
11 Jun 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Old Hill Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679271a
18 Jun 2016  Attock v Moseley Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679272
18 Jun 2016  Bridgnorth v Smethwick Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679273
18 Jun 2016  Bromsgrove v Barnards Green St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679274
18 Jun 2016  Himley v Sutton Coldfield Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679275
18 Jun 2016  Old Hill v Brockhampton Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679276
18 Jun 2016  Wellington v Dorridge Orleton Park, Wellington misc679277
25 Jun 2016  Barnards Green v Attock Barnards Green misc679278
25 Jun 2016  Dorridge v Himley Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679279
25 Jun 2016  Moseley v Bromsgrove Scorers, Shirley misc679280
25 Jun 2016  Old Hill v Bridgnorth Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679281
25 Jun 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Smethwick Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679282
25 Jun 2016  Wellington v Brockhampton Orleton Park, Wellington misc679283
02 Jul 2016  Barnards Green v Sutton Coldfield Barnards Green misc679284
02 Jul 2016  Bridgnorth v Himley Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679285
02 Jul 2016  Brockhampton v Attock The Parks, Brockhampton misc679286
02 Jul 2016  Dorridge v Old Hill Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679287
02 Jul 2016  Moseley v Wellington Scorers, Shirley misc679288
02 Jul 2016  Smethwick v Bromsgrove Broomfield, Smethwick misc679289
09 Jul 2016  Attock v Bridgnorth Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679290
09 Jul 2016  Bromsgrove v Brockhampton St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679291
09 Jul 2016  Himley v Smethwick Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679292
09 Jul 2016  Old Hill v Moseley Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679293
09 Jul 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Dorridge Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679294
09 Jul 2016  Wellington v Barnards Green Orleton Park, Wellington misc679295a
16 Jul 2016  Brockhampton v Dorridge The Parks, Brockhampton misc679296
16 Jul 2016  Bromsgrove v Old Hill St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679297
16 Jul 2016  Himley v Wellington Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679298
16 Jul 2016  Moseley v Bridgnorth Scorers, Shirley misc679299
16 Jul 2016  Smethwick v Barnards Green Broomfield, Smethwick misc679300
16 Jul 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Attock Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679301
23 Jul 2016  Attock v Bromsgrove Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679302
23 Jul 2016  Barnards Green v Himley Barnards Green misc679303
23 Jul 2016  Bridgnorth v Brockhampton Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679304
23 Jul 2016  Dorridge v Moseley Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679305
23 Jul 2016  Old Hill v Smethwick Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679306
23 Jul 2016  Wellington v Sutton Coldfield Orleton Park, Wellington misc679307
30 Jul 2016  Attock v Dorridge Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679308
30 Jul 2016  Bridgnorth v Barnards Green Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679309
30 Jul 2016  Bromsgrove v Wellington St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679310
30 Jul 2016  Himley v Old Hill Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679311
30 Jul 2016  Smethwick v Brockhampton Broomfield, Smethwick misc679312
30 Jul 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Moseley Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679313
06 Aug 2016  Brockhampton v Sutton Coldfield The Parks, Brockhampton misc679314
06 Aug 2016  Bromsgrove v Himley St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679315
06 Aug 2016  Dorridge v Smethwick Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679316
06 Aug 2016  Moseley v Barnards Green Scorers, Shirley misc679317
06 Aug 2016  Old Hill v Attock Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679318
06 Aug 2016  Wellington v Bridgnorth Orleton Park, Wellington misc679319
13 Aug 2016  Attock v Smethwick Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679320
13 Aug 2016  Barnards Green v Brockhampton Barnards Green misc679321
13 Aug 2016  Bridgnorth v Sutton Coldfield Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679322
13 Aug 2016  Dorridge v Bromsgrove Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679323
13 Aug 2016  Himley v Moseley Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679324
13 Aug 2016  Wellington v Old Hill Orleton Park, Wellington misc679325
20 Aug 2016  Attock v Wellington Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679326
20 Aug 2016  Bridgnorth v Dorridge Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679327
20 Aug 2016  Brockhampton v Himley The Parks, Brockhampton misc679328
20 Aug 2016  Old Hill v Barnards Green Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679329
20 Aug 2016  Smethwick v Moseley Broomfield, Smethwick misc679330
20 Aug 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Bromsgrove Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679331
27 Aug 2016  Barnards Green v Dorridge Barnards Green misc679332
27 Aug 2016  Bromsgrove v Bridgnorth St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679333
27 Aug 2016  Himley v Attock Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679334
27 Aug 2016  Moseley v Brockhampton Scorers, Shirley misc679335
27 Aug 2016  Old Hill v Sutton Coldfield Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679336
27 Aug 2016  Wellington v Smethwick Orleton Park, Wellington misc679337
29 Aug 2016  Barnards Green v Bromsgrove Barnards Green misc679338
29 Aug 2016  Brockhampton v Old Hill The Parks, Brockhampton misc679339
29 Aug 2016  Dorridge v Wellington Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679340
29 Aug 2016  Moseley v Attock Scorers, Shirley misc679341
29 Aug 2016  Smethwick v Bridgnorth Broomfield, Smethwick misc679342
29 Aug 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Himley Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679343
03 Sep 2016  Attock v Barnards Green Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679344a
03 Sep 2016  Bridgnorth v Old Hill Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679345a
03 Sep 2016  Brockhampton v Wellington The Parks, Brockhampton misc679346a
03 Sep 2016  Bromsgrove v Moseley St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679347a
03 Sep 2016  Himley v Dorridge Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679348a
03 Sep 2016  Smethwick v Sutton Coldfield Broomfield, Smethwick misc679349a
10 Sep 2016  Attock v Brockhampton Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc679350a
10 Sep 2016  Bromsgrove v Smethwick St Godwalds Park, Bromsgrove misc679351a
10 Sep 2016  Himley v Bridgnorth Stourbridge Road, Himley misc679352a
10 Sep 2016  Old Hill v Dorridge Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc679353a
10 Sep 2016  Sutton Coldfield v Barnards Green Rectory Park, Sutton Coldfield misc679354a
10 Sep 2016  Wellington v Moseley Orleton Park, Wellington misc679355
17 Sep 2016  Barnards Green v Wellington Barnards Green misc679356
17 Sep 2016  Bridgnorth v Attock Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc679357
17 Sep 2016  Brockhampton v Bromsgrove The Parks, Brockhampton misc679358
17 Sep 2016  Dorridge v Sutton Coldfield Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc679359
17 Sep 2016  Moseley v Old Hill Scorers, Shirley misc679360
17 Sep 2016  Smethwick v Himley Broomfield, Smethwick misc679361





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