The Rectory Field, Blackheath - Centuries in first-class cricket

250  MC CowdreyKent v Essex1959f22747
210*TF ShepherdSurrey v Kent1921f10011
207  HTW HardingeKent v Surrey1921f10011
207*TF ShepherdSurrey v Kent1925f11317
206  R HorsfallEssex v Kent1951f19288
200  LEG AmesKent v Surrey1928f12419
191  TH ClarkSurrey v Kent1956f21401
183  JR MasonKent v Somerset1897f4735
183  BW LuckhurstKent v Surrey1966f26342
179  A SandhamSurrey v Kent1928f12419
178  AE FaggKent v Essex1951f19288
177  FE WoolleyKent v Surrey1913f8885
171  PE RichardsonKent v Surrey1961f23817
168  FR BrownSurrey v Kent1932f13946
159  RC WilsonKent v Glamorgan1960f23275
155  AH PhebeyKent v Glamorgan1960f23275
150*JB HobbsSurrey v Kent1929f12801
143*AJW McIntyreSurrey v Kent1949f18397
143  PBH MaySurrey v Kent1959f22821
141  HTW HardingeKent v Surrey1929f12801
141  PA GibbEssex v Kent1951f19288
139  HTW HardingeKent v Leicestershire1925f11229
139  MC CowdreyKent v Nottinghamshire1958f22251
138*WT GreensmithEssex v Kent1953f20095
137  LEG AmesKent v Surrey1933f14321
135  RC WilsonKent v Surrey1962f24399
133  J PettifordKent v Essex1954f20522
132  FE WoolleyKent v Surrey1934f14693
132  JH EdrichSurrey v Kent1966f26342
130  A SandhamSurrey v Kent1929f12801
130  AH PhebeyKent v Essex1959f22747
128*PBH MaySurrey v Kent1956f21401
127  WL KnowlesKent v Somerset1900f5406
127  LEG AmesKent v Surrey1937f15837
126*BW LuckhurstKent v Surrey1963f24895
125*EG WitherdenKent v Surrey1953f20117
124  TW HaywardSurrey v Kent1906f6979
123*DJ InsoleEssex v Kent1954f20522
122  TW HaywardSurrey v Kent1914f9210
122  JB HobbsSurrey v Kent1914f9210
122  AH PhebeyKent v Nottinghamshire1958f22251
121  JB HobbsSurrey v Kent1927f12039
121  LJ ToddKent v Surrey1933f14321
121  AE FaggKent v Surrey1936f15455
121  LB FishlockSurrey v Kent1937f15837
121  KF BarringtonSurrey v Kent1961f23817
120  LEG AmesKent v Surrey1932f13946
119  LEG AmesKent v Surrey1937f15837
118  J SeymourKent v Surrey1911f8349
118  MJ StewartSurrey v Kent1955f20954
117  FE WoolleyKent v Surrey1909f7774
117  J SeymourKent v Surrey1912f8638
117  HS SquiresSurrey v Kent1930f13201
117  RC WilsonKent v Surrey1961f23817
116  PBH MaySurrey v Kent1953f20117
115  DGW FletcherSurrey v Kent1953f20117
114  FE WoolleyKent v Surrey1937f15837
113  APF ChapmanKent v Surrey1927f12039
113  JH EdrichSurrey v Kent1961f23817
111  HA PeachSurrey v Kent1930f13201
111  MH PageDerbyshire v Kent1971f28715
110  A SandhamSurrey v Kent1924f10975
110  EF WilsonSurrey v Kent1929f12801
110  FE WoolleyKent v Surrey1930f13201
108  J SeymourKent v Surrey1919f9446
108  WH AshdownKent v Leicestershire1925f11229
108*RJ GregorySurrey v Kent1939f16630
107  HT BarlingSurrey v Kent1947f17632
106  JB HobbsSurrey v Kent1908f7500
106  JW HitchSurrey v Kent1921f10011
106  LEG AmesKent v Surrey1929f12801
106*Asif IqbalKent v Surrey1970f28379
105  DJ KnightSurrey v Kent1914f9210
105  JB HobbsSurrey v Kent1925f11317
105*RE HitchcockWarwickshire v Kent1961f23757
104  GB LeggeKent v Surrey1927f12039
104  RJ GregorySurrey v Kent1934f14693
104  SE LearyKent v Surrey1960f23303
103  AE FaggKent v Surrey1952f19626
102  JB HobbsSurrey v Kent1919f9446
102*HTW HardingeKent v Surrey1921f10011
102  JF ParkerSurrey v Kent1946f17239
102  PBH MaySurrey v Kent1955f20954
102  JF PretloveKent v Essex1959f22747
102*TE BaileyEssex v Kent1959f22747
101  TW HaywardSurrey v Kent1898f4959
101  AP DayKent v Surrey1909f7774
101  PGH FenderSurrey v Kent1928f12419
101  JB HobbsSurrey v Kent1933f14321
100  MJ HarrisMiddlesex v Kent1967f26776





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