Cricketer Cup Matches played on Burton's Court, Chelsea (17)

20th August 1967 The Cricketer Cup 1967 FinalRadley Rangers v Repton Pilgrimscrcup18
11th August 1968 The Cricketer Cup 1968 FinalHarrow Wanderers v Old Malvernianscrcup35
24th August 1969 The Cricketer Cup 1969 FinalOld Brightonians v Stowe Templarscrcup68
23rd August 1970 The Cricketer Cup 1970 FinalOld Tonbridgians v Old Wykehamistscrcup99
22nd August 1971 The Cricketer Cup 1971 FinalCharterhouse Friars v Old Tonbridgianscrcup132
20th August 1972 The Cricketer Cup 1972 FinalOld Malvernians v Old Tonbridgianscrcup163
19th August 1973 The Cricketer Cup 1973 FinalRugby Meteors v Old Tonbridgianscrcup194
18th August 1974 The Cricketer Cup 1974 FinalOld Alleynians v Old Wykehamistscrcup225
16th August 1975 The Cricketer Cup 1975 FinalHarrow Wanderers v Old Malvernianscrcup256
15th August 1976 The Cricketer Cup 1976 FinalOld Blundellians v Old Tonbridgianscrcup287
21st August 1977 The Cricketer Cup 1977 FinalOundle Rovers v Shrewsbury Saracenscrcup318
20th August 1978 The Cricketer Cup 1978 FinalCharterhouse Friars v Oundle Roverscrcup349
19th August 1979 The Cricketer Cup 1979 FinalOld Tonbridgians v Uppingham Roverscrcup381
17th August 1980 The Cricketer Cup 1980 FinalMarlborough Blues v Old Wellingtonianscrcup413
16th August 1981 The Cricketer Cup 1981 FinalCharterhouse Friars v Old Wykehamistscrcup444
15th August 1982 The Cricketer Cup 1982 FinalOld Malvernians v Old Wykehamistscrcup475
14th August 1983 The Cricketer Cup 1983 FinalHaileybury Hermits v Repton Pilgrimscrcup506





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