Sabina Park, Kingston - Highest Team Totals in Twenty20 matches

267-2Trinbago Knight Riders v Jamaica Tallawahs2019tt8149
226-5Jamaica Tallawahs v Trinbago Knight Riders2019tt8149
218-6Guyana Amazon Warriors v Jamaica Tallawahs2019tt8179
208-6Trinbago Knight Riders v Jamaica Tallawahs2017tt6459
195-5Jamaica Tallawahs v Barbados Tridents2016tt5841
194-1West Indies v India2017tt6320
190-6India v West Indies2017tt6320
183-6Jamaica Tallawahs v St Kitts and Nevis Patriots2016tt5834
180-6Jamaica Tallawahs v Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel2015tt5031
179-3Guyana Amazon Warriors v Jamaica Tallawahs2015tt5059
178-4Jamaica Tallawahs v St Kitts and Nevis Patriots2018tt7139
176-4Jamaica Tallawahs v St Lucia Stars2017tt6456
176-4Jamaica Tallawahs v St Lucia Stars2018tt7135
176-6St Kitts and Nevis Patriots v Jamaica Tallawahs2019tt8181
175St Lucia Stars v Jamaica Tallawahs2018tt7135
172-7Jamaica Tallawahs v Trinbago Knight Riders2017tt6459
172-8St Lucia Stars v Jamaica Tallawahs2017tt6456
171-5St Lucia Zouks v Jamaica Tallawahs2019tt8135
171-7West Indies XI v Ireland2009/10tt1677
170-5Jamaica Tallawahs v St Lucia Zouks2019tt8135
159-1Jamaica Tallawahs v St Lucia Zouks2015tt5027
159Barbados Tridents v Jamaica Tallawahs2016tt5841
158-4St Lucia Zouks v Jamaica Tallawahs2015tt5027
158-7Jamaica Tallawahs v Trinbago Knight Riders2016tt5838
157-5Jamaica Tallawahs v St Kitts and Nevis Patriots2017tt6463
156Jamaica Tallawahs v St Kitts and Nevis Patriots2019tt8181
153-7Ireland v West Indies XI2009/10tt1677
152-4West Indies XI v Ireland2009/10tt1681
150-1Guyana Amazon Warriors v Jamaica Tallawahs2017tt6467





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