First-Class Matches played on Ormeau, Belfast (9)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
26th June 1926 Wales in Ireland 1926  Ireland v Walesf11619
17th June 1933 Scotland in Ireland 1933  Ireland v Scotlandf14249
19th June 1937 Scotland in Ireland 1937  Ireland v Scotlandf15781
23rd July 1949 Scotland in Ireland 1949  Ireland v Scotlandf18428
11th July 1953 Scotland in Ireland 1953  Ireland v Scotlandf20116
23rd June 1962 Combined Services in Ireland 1962  Ireland v Combined Servicesf24325
19th July 1965 New Zealand in British Isles 1965  Ireland v New Zealandersf25896
12th August 1967 Scotland in Ireland 1967  Ireland v Scotlandf26926a
19th June 1971 Scotland in Ireland 1971  Ireland v Scotlandf28738
21st August 1999 Scotland in Ireland 1999  Ireland v Scotlandf44531





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