Tours in 1993/94

Air India in Hong Kong 1993/94
Australia in South Africa 1993/94
Australia Under-19s in India 1993/94
Australia Women in New Zealand 1993/94
Australian Cricket Academy in India and Sri Lanka 1993/94
Bangladesh Cricket Control Board XI in India and Sri Lanka 1993/94
Bangladesh Cricket Control Board XI in Pakistan 1993/94
Bangladesh in Hong Kong 1993/94
Barbados in South Africa 1993/94
Bermuda in Jamaica 1993/94
Border in Namibia 1993/94
Canterbury in South Africa 1993/94
Club Cricket Conference in South Africa and Namibia 1993/94
England A in South Africa 1993/94
England in West Indies 1993/94
England Under-19s in Sri Lanka 1993/94
India in New Zealand 1993/94
India XI in Australia 1993/94
Marylebone Cricket Club in Gibraltar 1993/94
Marylebone Cricket Club in Italy 1993/94
Marylebone Cricket Club in West Africa 1993/94
Minor Counties in South Africa 1993/94
Namibia in South Africa 1993/94
New Zealand in Australia 1993/94
New Zealand Under-19s in Pakistan 1993/94
New Zealand Under-23s Women in Australia 1993/94
Norfolk in South Africa 1993/94
Pakistan in Bangladesh 1993/94
Pakistan in New Zealand 1993/94
Queensland Academy of Sport in South Africa 1993/94
Scotland XI in Zimbabwe 1993/94
Sinhalese Sports Club in Malaysia and Thailand 1993/94
South Africa in Australia 1993/94
South Africa Maccabi XI in Namibia 1993/94
South Africa Veterans in India 1993/94
Sri Lanka in India 1993/94
The Forty Club in the Far East 1993/94
Troubadours in Argentina 1993/94
W Isaacs' XI in Namibia 1993/94
Warwickshire in Zimbabwe 1993/94
West Indies in Sri Lanka 1993/94
Western Province in Zimbabwe 1993/94
Worcestershire in Zimbabwe 1993/94
Yorkshire in Leeward Islands 1993/94
Zimbabwe in Bangladesh 1993/94
Zimbabwe in Pakistan 1993/94





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