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Lancashire Cricket Club
Scorecard Archive

First-Class Matches played on FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge (40)

18th May 1882 University Match 1882  Cambridge University v Lancashiref2470
13th May 1907 University Match 1907  Cambridge University v Lancashiref7096
25th May 1908 University Match 1908  Cambridge University v Lancashiref7384
11th May 1921 University Match 1921  Cambridge University v Lancashiref9843
10th May 1922 University Match 1922  Cambridge University v Lancashiref10151
9th May 1923 University Match 1923  Cambridge University v Lancashiref10470
10th May 1924 University Match 1924  Cambridge University v Lancashiref10806
9th May 1925 University Match 1925  Cambridge University v Lancashiref11155
31st May 1933 University Match 1933  Cambridge University v Lancashiref14202
4th May 1946 University Match 1946  Cambridge University v Lancashiref17061
1st May 1948 University Match 1948  Cambridge University v Lancashiref17854
14th May 1949 University Match 1949  Cambridge University v Lancashiref18256
10th May 1950 University Match 1950  Cambridge University v Lancashiref18647
2nd May 1951 University Match 1951  Cambridge University v Lancashiref19069
17th May 1952 University Match 1952  Cambridge University v Lancashiref19533
15th May 1954 University Match 1954  Cambridge University v Lancashiref20395
5th May 1956 University Match 1956  Cambridge University v Lancashiref21241
22nd May 1957 University Match 1957  Cambridge University v Lancashiref21720
10th May 1958 University Match 1958  Cambridge University v Lancashiref22163
9th May 1959 University Match 1959  Cambridge University v Lancashiref22652
7th June 1961 University Match 1961  Cambridge University v Lancashiref23744
10th June 1964 University Match 1964  Cambridge University v Lancashiref25281
11th May 1966 University Match 1966  Cambridge University v Lancashiref26216
8th June 1968 University Match 1968  Cambridge University v Lancashiref27266
12th May 1971 University Match 1971  Cambridge University v Lancashiref28664
19th June 1974 University Match 1974  Cambridge University v Lancashiref30149
11th June 1975 University Match 1975  Cambridge University v Lancashiref30603
7th June 1978 University Match 1978  Cambridge University v Lancashiref32079
20th June 1979 University Match 1979  Cambridge University v Lancashiref32599
2nd May 1981 University Match 1981  Cambridge University v Lancashiref33520
12th May 1982 University Match 1982  Cambridge University v Lancashiref34049
22nd April 1987 University Match 1987  Cambridge University v Lancashiref36952
13th April 1991 University Match 1991  Cambridge University v Lancashiref39283
19th May 1993 University Match 1993  Cambridge University v Lancashiref40515
14th May 1994 University Match 1994  Cambridge University v Lancashiref41095
18th April 1995 University Match 1995  Cambridge University v Lancashiref41710
8th April 1999 University Match 1999  Cambridge University v Lancashiref44355
7th April 2000 University Match 2000  Cambridge University v Lancashiref45071
6th April 2012 Marylebone Cricket Club University Matches 2012  Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University v Lancashiref53986
2nd April 2017 Marylebone Cricket Club University Matches 2017  Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University v Lancashiref57845

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