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Lancashire Cricket Club
Scorecard Archive

Kennington Oval, Kennington - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

903-7dEngland v Australia1938f16328
863Lancashire v Surrey1990f38693
811Surrey v Somerset1899f5093
742Surrey v Hampshire1909f7628
708Pakistan v England1987f37122
707-9dSurrey v Lancashire1990f38693
704Yorkshire v Surrey1899f5216
702-8dGlamorgan v Surrey2009f51752
701Australia v England1934f14771
698Surrey v Sussex1888f3312
695Australia v England1930f13281
692-7dNottinghamshire v Surrey2005f48660
692-8dWest Indies v England1995f41882
687-8dWest Indies v England1976f31213
686-5dSurrey v Middlesex2005f48825
669-5dSurrey v Northamptonshire2006f49476
668-7dSurrey v Leicestershire2006f49412
664India v England2007f50167
663-9dSurrey v Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2003f47252
652-9dSurrey v Durham1995f41742
651-7dPlayers v Gentlemen1934f14682
650Surrey v Hampshire1883f2612
650Surrey v Oxford University1888f3273
648-7dHampshire v Surrey2017f57950
647Players v Gentlemen1899f5153
645-9dSurrey v New Zealanders1949f18349
641-4dAustralia v England2001f45996
639-8dSurrey v Gloucestershire2006f49365
637-2dSouth Africa v England2012f54094
635Surrey v Somerset1885f2935
634-5dSurrey v Yorkshire2013f54979
634Surrey v Lancashire1898f5001
634Surrey v Warwickshire1906f6939
632Australians v Surrey1948f17871
631-5dThe Rest v Warwickshire1911f8419
631Surrey v Sussex1885f2903
629Australians v Surrey1934f14578
620-7dKent v Surrey2009f51649
620-7dSurrey v Northamptonshire2010f52492
617-6dSurrey v Oxford University1928f12381
617Surrey v Kent1897f4748
616-5dEssex v Surrey1904f6362
616-5dSurrey v Northamptonshire1921f9911
614Surrey v Oxford University1889f3383
613-6dSurrey v Essex1990f38917
610-8dEssex v Surrey2015f56367
609Surrey v Warwickshire1898f5015
608-4dSurrey v Leicestershire2009f51676
608-8dPlayers v Gentlemen1921f9956
607-7dDurham v Surrey2016f57103
606-9dIndia v England1990f38880
604-9dEngland v South Africa2003f47412
603-5dThe Rest v Middlesex1920f9774
603-8dThe Rest v Lancashire1928f12549
602Surrey v Warwickshire1897f4642
600-7dSussex v Surrey1903f6243
600-7dPakistan v England1974f30267
599Lancashire v Surrey2003f47240
598Surrey v Gloucestershire2004f48023
597Essex v Surrey1946f17189
594-8dSurrey v Cambridge University1923f10585
594-9dYorkshire v Surrey2007f50022
594England v India1982f34152
593-5dLeicestershire v Surrey2009f51676
592-4dLancashire v Surrey1997f43239
592-9dSurrey v Hampshire1936f15308
592Surrey v Yorkshire2017f58008
591-6dEngland v India2011f53327
591Sri Lanka v England1998f43845
585-6dLeicestershire v Surrey1998f43868
585-7Warwickshire v Surrey1905f6577
582-9dSurrey v Middlesex1919f9470
582-9dHampshire v Surrey2016f57244
579-4dSurrey v Somerset1931f13421
579-7dSurrey v Hampshire2019f59569
579-8dKent v Surrey1935f15094
579Surrey v Hampshire1897f4774
578Gentlemen v Players1904f6399
576England v Australia1899f5219
576Surrey v Derbyshire1911f8347
576Surrey v Leicestershire1947f17726
576Surrey v Hampshire2002f46733
575-8dSurrey v Sussex2002f46580
572South Africans v Surrey1935f15100
572Cambridge University v Surrey1930f13155
570-6dSurrey v Derbyshire1994f41092
568-9dMiddlesex v Surrey1919f9427
565Surrey v Cambridge University1930f13155
561Sussex v Surrey1899f5143
560-6dSurrey v Yorkshire1933f14415
560-8dSurrey v Glamorgan1947f17567
560-8dSurrey v Leicestershire2003f47290
560-9dNottinghamshire v Middlesex1939f16615
560Surrey v Leicestershire1897f4633
560Surrey v Derbyshire2015f56512
559-8dSurrey v Middlesex1901f5717
559Hampshire v Surrey1993f40663
558-9dSurrey v Somerset1999f44412
558Lancashire v Surrey1913f8870
557-7Kent v Surrey1922f10334
557-7dSurrey v Gloucestershire1927f11892
557Surrey v Somerset1992f40126
557Surrey v Leicestershire2015f56389
556Surrey v Lancashire1899f5241
556Surrey v Cambridge University1927f11997
555-4dSurrey v Somerset1929f12811
554-7dAustralian Imperial Forces v Surrey1919f9351
553Gentlemen of the South v Players of the South1869f1546
551-7Surrey v Yorkshire1899f5216
551-9Players of the South v Gentlemen of the South1920f9662
551Australia v England1884f2807
550-6dGlamorgan v Surrey1936f15375
550Surrey v Hampshire1935f15127
549-6dSurrey v Leicestershire1905f6782
549Surrey v Yorkshire1997f43115
548-7dSurrey v Glamorgan1937f15769
548-9Nottinghamshire v Surrey1898f4973
548Surrey v Somerset2000f45159
547Surrey v Sussex1938f16216
545England v Pakistan1974f30267
544Surrey v Middlesex1914f9151
544Gloucestershire v Surrey1928f12255
543-9dMiddlesex v The Rest1947f17743
543Surrey v Cambridge University1887f3141
543Surrey v Cambridge University1895f4220
542Surrey v Nottinghamshire1914f9221
542Pakistan v England2016f57205
541-5dSurrey v Leicestershire1926f11766
541Surrey v Warwickshire1914f9094
541Surrey v Essex2018f58837
540-9dSurrey v Middlesex1932f14015
540Surrey v Sussex1908f7510
540Surrey v Yorkshire1911f8390
539-5dYorkshire v Surrey1922f10378
539Essex v Surrey1990f38917
538England v Australia1975f30726
537-2dMiddlesex v Surrey1947f17683
537-5dWest Indians v Surrey1950f18662
537-5dSurrey v Lancashire2008f50781
536Surrey v Yorkshire1898f4980
536Middlesex v Surrey1935f15119
535Surrey v Nottinghamshire1913f8941
534-6dEngland v South Africa1935f15139
534Surrey v Kent1898f4994
533-5dSurrey v Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2006f49332
532-6dSurrey v Sussex1919f9379
532-6dSurrey v Sussex1922f10201
532-7dSurrey v Kent1908f7554
532-9dAustralia v England1975f30726
532Nottinghamshire v Surrey2008f50961
531Surrey v Hampshire1913f8821
530Oxford University v Surrey1933f14275
529-9Northamptonshire v Surrey1958f22229
529Surrey v Lancashire1921f10004
528-6dSurrey v Essex1947f17457
528Australians v Surrey1938f16111
527England v West Indies1966f26455
526-7dLancashire v Surrey1929f12821
526Sussex v Surrey2013f54815
526Worcestershire v Surrey2018f58678
525-5dSurrey v Nottinghamshire1946f17271
525Yorkshire v Surrey2008f50833
524-8dThe Rest v Yorkshire1924f11080
523-5Surrey v Derbyshire1900f5484
523Surrey v Oxford University1919f9394
522-7dSurrey v Nottinghamshire1927f12093
522-8dSurrey v Leicestershire1900f5391
522Oxford University v Surrey1930f13168
522-9dSurrey v Leicestershire2014f55683
521-8dPakistan v England1996f42545
521-9dSurrey v Somerset1938f16080
521England v Surrey1866f1395
520Surrey v Warwickshire1895f4208
518-5dSurrey v Yorkshire1984f35350
517Surrey v Kent1922f10334
516-8dLeicestershire v Surrey1929f12915
516-9dSurrey v Yorkshire2001f46007
515-6dSussex v Surrey1908f7510
515England v India2002f46748
514-5dMiddlesex v Surrey1929f12872
514Northamptonshire v Surrey2015f56540
513-6dPlayers v Gentlemen1932f13936
513Gentlemen v Players1870f1588
512-8dSurrey v Cambridge University1938f16172
512-9dSomerset v Surrey2012f54040
512Surrey v Somerset1936f15325
508India v England2002f46748
507Surrey v Middlesex1889f3413
507Surrey v Somerset1908f7407
506Surrey v Leicestershire1909f7850
505-3dSurrey v Oxford University1926f11613
505Surrey v Northamptonshire1928f12448
504Pakistan v England2006f49496
503-4dSurrey v Warwickshire1931f13474
503England v Surrey1862f1213
503West Indies v England1950f18881
502-7dSurrey v Worcestershire1998f43736
501-3dSurrey v Somerset1949f18409
501-6dSouth v North1908f7587
501-7dSurrey v Worcestershire2006f49386
501-9dSurrey v Sussex1913f8881
501Nottinghamshire v Surrey1882f2548
501Surrey v Australians1886f3049
501Surrey v Kent1934f14727
501Surrey v Leicestershire1994f41153
500-4dSurrey v Gloucestershire1898f4878
500-9dSurrey v Worcestershire1986f36506

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