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Lancashire Cricket Club
Scorecard Archive

Most Runs in a Season for Lancashire

2633JT Tyldesley1901
2626E Paynter1937
2564C Hallows1928
2541FB Watson1928
2487GE Tyldesley1934
2467GE Tyldesley1928
2432GE Tyldesley1926
2420GE Tyldesley1932
2408W Place1947
2381J Iddon1934
2340JWH Makepeace1926
2335JT Tyldesley1904
2286JWH Makepeace1923
2253KJ Grieves1959
2197G Pullar1959
2185C Hallows1925
2157A Wharton1959
2137FB Watson1929
2119C Hallows1927
2112JD Bond1962
2070GE Tyldesley1922
2047G Pullar1961
2031FB Watson1930
2020E Paynter1938
2016E Paynter1936
1992JT Tyldesley1906
1983JWH Makepeace1922
1977GA Edrich1952
1974G Pullar1964
1972JL Hopwood1933
1961JT Tyldesley1910
1959JS Sharp1911
1950C Washbrook1947
1942KJ Grieves1960
1938C Washbrook1946
1911J Iddon1937
1904GE Tyldesley1930
1892NJ Speak1992
1868JT Tyldesley1898
1868W Place1946
1868DM Green1965
1857FB Watson1934
1856E Paynter1939
1845A Wharton1957
1836C Hallows1921
1830E Paynter1932
1823N Oldfield1939
1820SG Law2003
1814JWH Makepeace1919
1812N Oldfield1938
1800G Fowler1987
1785GE Tyldesley1923
1773KJ Grieves1961
1765C Hallows1922
1762JT Tyldesley1899
1758HG Garnett1901
1754JT Tyldesley1914
1745GE Tyldesley1921
1745GE Tyldesley1924
1743RH Spooner1911
1743C Washbrook1955
1739J Iddon1929
1729JT Ikin1955
1724C Washbrook1935
1722J Iddon1936
1716J Iddon1939
1715FB Watson1925
1710JT Tyldesley1907
1708JT Tyldesley1908
1701JD Bond1961
1699RH Spooner1904
1693GA Edrich1951
1685PT Marner1958
1683A Wharton1956
1681NH Fairbrother1990
1681JP Crawley1998
1672JWH Makepeace1920
1667J Iddon1938
1665C Washbrook1939
1660JL Hopwood1934
1658JT Ikin1952
1656JT Tyldesley1903
1656PT Marner1962
1649KJ Grieves1963
1644W Place1951
1642BJ Booth1961
1635GE Tyldesley1919
1634JT Tyldesley1913
1633JWH Makepeace1913
1628AC MacLaren1903
1623JWH Makepeace1911
1621C Washbrook1938
1619GE Tyldesley1927
1614G Pullar1962
1606H Pilling1967
1602JL Hopwood1936
1600J Iddon1933
1598JS Sharp1908
1588JT Ikin1949
1569C Hallows1924
1569H Pilling1976
1560G Fowler1981
1551GD Mendis1990
1542E Paynter1935
1538GE Tyldesley1920
1538JL Hopwood1935
1536FB Watson1927
1533JWH Makepeace1924
1533DM Green1964
1531AC MacLaren1900
1531GE Tyldesley1933
1531C Washbrook1952
1529C Washbrook1937
1526C Washbrook1951
1520JL Hopwood1938
1516GE Tyldesley1931
1516FB Watson1932
1516RW Barber1961
1512FB Watson1924
1511A Ward1900
1511A Hartley1910
1510D Lloyd1972
1506GE Tyldesley1929

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