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Lancashire Cricket Club
Scorecard Archive

Most Wickets in a Season for Lancashire

198EA McDonald1925
194CH Parkin1924
192AW Mold1895
190EA McDonald1928
187AW Mold1894
186CH Parkin1923
181CH Parkin1922
179H Dean1911
175EA McDonald1926
171R Tattersall1950
167RK Tyldesley1924
155J Briggs1897
154W Brearley1908
154RK Tyldesley1929
150LW Cook1920
150CH Parkin1925
150EA McDonald1927
150MJ Hilton1956
148LW Cook1921
146R Tattersall1952
145J Briggs1896
145LL Wilkinson1938
142AW Mold1893
142LW Cook1922
142EA McDonald1929
140R Pollard1938
137J Briggs1894
137AW Mold1896
137RK Tyldesley1925
137R Pollard1947
136H Dean1912
135R Tattersall1953
135R Tattersall1957
133W Brearley1905
133H Dean1910
133RK Tyldesley1923
133RK Tyldesley1930
133WE Phillipson1939
131SF Barnes1903
131FM Sibbles1932
131WE Phillipson1937
130JB Statham1965
129AW Mold1891
129H Dean1908
128J Briggs1893
128RK Tyldesley1926
127MJ Hilton1950
125JB Statham1958
124J Briggs1895
124H Dean1920
123H Dean1913
123WB Roberts1946
123K Higgs1960
120J Briggs1900
120MJ Hilton1951
119T Greenhough1960
118W Brearley1909
116RK Tyldesley1931
116R Tattersall1955
115AW Mold1899
115JB Statham1959
114K Higgs1965
113AW Mold1892
113JS Sharp1901
113A Kermode1905
113W Huddleston1913
113R Tattersall1954
113K Higgs1959
112WR Cuttell1897
112S Webb1901
112R Pollard1937
112JB Statham1957
112PG Lee1975
111JL Hopwood1934
111R Pollard1939
110H Dean1907
109J Briggs1892
109WR Cuttell1898
109WR Cuttell1900
109R Tattersall1956
109JB Statham1964
108J Briggs1891
108J Hallows1904
108EA McDonald1930
108R Pollard1936
107FM Sibbles1937
107R Pollard1948
107JB Statham1952
106JB Statham1960
105WR Cuttell1904
105K Higgs1968
104RK Tyldesley1928
104MJ Hilton1955
104JB Statham1963
103J Briggs1889
103JL Hopwood1935
102J Briggs1887
102J Briggs1888
102H Dean1909
102T Greenhough1959
102K Higgs1961
102JB Statham1966
101FS Booth1934
101PG Lee1973
100A Watson1887
100RK Tyldesley1922
100RK Tyldesley1927

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