Most Runs in a Season for Northamptonshire

2198D Brookes1952
2192N Oldfield1949
2055MEK Hussey2001
2049AJ Lamb1981
2030L Livingston1954
2022D Brookes1946
2022D Brookes1949
2004L Livingston1955
1987RJ Bailey1990
1982L Livingston1956
1952AH Bakewell1933
1952F Jakeman1951
1936RT Virgin1974
1909RA Haywood1921
1901Mushtaq Mohammad1972
1894D Brookes1948
1892D Brookes1947
1886L Livingston1950
1863W Larkins1982
1844D Brookes1956
1843BL Reynolds1962
1840MEJC Norman1962
1840A Fordham1991
1830RM Prideaux1966
1820D Brookes1950
1809BL Reynolds1963
1805RJ Bailey1986
1800MEJC Norman1960
1798PJ Watts1962
1797AJ Lamb1980
1795A Lightfoot1962
1787D Brookes1951
1783P Willey1982
1777MEJC Norman1963
1774W Larkins1983
1767A Fordham1990
1759G Cook1981
1754D Brookes1955
1747AJ Lamb1979
1733MEJC Norman1961
1732RM Prideaux1964
1719AH Bakewell1935
1710L Livingston1953
1710A Fordham1992
1709RM Prideaux1968
1701AH Bakewell1930
1697MEK Hussey2003
1694BL Reynolds1961
1682W Larkins1980
1663N Oldfield1951
1658L Livingston1951
1656R Subba Row1959
1656W Larkins1984
1650W Larkins1989
1641RM Prideaux1970
1629JE Timms1934
1620AH Bakewell1931
1620Mushtaq Mohammad1976
1619Mushtaq Mohammad1968
1618DS Steele1972
1602CN Woolley1928
1596AP Arnold1955
1588D Brookes1959
1583AH Bakewell1934
1580Mushtaq Mohammad1969
1577DS Steele1971
1575AH Bakewell1936
1572RJ Bailey1992
1570AH Bakewell1929
1570DW Barrick1952
1562VWC Jupp1932
1561DW Barrick1959
1557BL Reynolds1960
1552RM Prideaux1963
1546P Willey1983
1539G Cook1984
1538NA Felton1990
1534BL Reynolds1964
1534W Larkins1985
1531D Brookes1939
1524Mushtaq Mohammad1975
1510G Cook1983
1509RM Prideaux1967
1506HM Ackerman1970





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