First-class Bowling in England for 1849 (Ordered by Wickets)

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WR Hillyer (Kent,MCC,Sy,AEE,Play,Sth)773711981418-?13.20145
J Wisden (Sx,AEE,Eng,Nth,Play)47411401298-?5.71176
W Clarke (MCC,AEE,Eng,Nth,Play)995104242747-116.3693
FW Lillywhite (MCC,AEE,Eng,Play,Sth)2642032676-325.3351
J Dean (MCC,Sx,AEE,Eng,Play,Sth)28416110547-?55.0040
EW Blore (CU)000376-?0.0041
E Hinkly (Kent,AEE,Eng)45111100378-?14.2842
W Martingell (Kent,Sy,AEE,Play)244083327-277.5431
HW Fellows (Eng,GEng,Gent)27200287-?0.0042
A Mynn (Kent,AEE,Eng,Gent,Sth)192517226-?8.5010
CJ Harenc21400218-?0.0032
FH Hervey-Bathurst (Ham,GEng,Gent)4201874205-?10.5710
T Sherman (Sy)000197-?0.0010
A Potter (CU)000195-?0.0010
TR Barker (Yor)3600114195-217.6020
D Day (Ham,Sy)1961575165-328.3310
J Challen (Sx)108857164-?28.5000
J Chester (MCC,Sy,Eng,Play,Sth)2400153-?0.0000
FP Fenner (CTC)000156-?0.0020
RF Skelton (Yor)3040148157-4411.3810
RT King (CU,Eng,Gent,Nth)000146-?0.0010
CF Willis (OU)000144-?0.0000
G Brockwell (Sy)00094-?0.0000
T Hunt (La,Yor)19608295-4916.4010
GH Wright (Yor)13604585-?15.0010
C Arnold (CTC)00074-?0.0000
AJD Diver (MCC)00074-?0.0000
TEML Mostyn (OU)00074-?0.0000
T Craven (GEng)00074-?0.0000
G Wigzell (La)5604073-?40.0000
JG Nash (GEng)720063-?0.0000
B Wake (Yor)6003363-2511.0000
H Royston (MCC)00055-?0.0010
J Hodson (Sx,AEE)00052-?0.0000
M Jones (OU)00054-?0.0000
T Box (Sx,Sy,AEE,Eng,Play,Sth)5824555-459.0010
J Aitken (OU)00043-?0.0000
O Hanbury (OU)00032-?0.0000
WJ Hammersley (CTC,MCC,Sy,AEE)00031-?0.0000
F Pilch (Kent,AEE,Eng,Play,Sth)00032-?0.0000
G Chatterton (Yor,AEE,Eng,Nth)00033-?0.0000
W Caffyn (Sy)00033-?0.0000
W Napper (Sx)323933-?0.0000
C Langton (La)3602432-?24.0000
JH Earl (La)00021-?0.0000
JC Traill840022-?0.0000
JP Pollitt00022-?0.0000
GE Yonge (Gent)00022-?0.0000
G Armitage (Nth)00022-?0.0000
J Bayley00022-?0.0000
T Ellis (Yor)1601222-?0.0000
TM Adams (Kent,AEE)8003121-915.5000
J Buttery (La)9204022-4020.0000
E Napper (Sx)3522621-2626.0000
FJ Dyer480011-?0.0000
JW Chitty (OU)00011-?0.0000
J Bickley (Nth)00011-?0.0000
M Arnold (CTC)00011-?0.0000
F Hollands (Kent)00011-?0.0000
W Buttress (CTC)00011-?0.0000
G Picknell (Sx)8672811-?0.0000
GF Cooke (La)4010    
WJ Humphry (Sx)4050    
J Paxton (Nth)13413410    
D Rowland (La)0000    
H Osborn (Sx)0000    
C Brown (Eng)12000    
WM Fenn (CU)0000    
J Joy (Yor)0000    
E Bushby (Sx)0000    





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