First-class Bowling in England for 1870 (Ordered by Average)

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FB Soden (Sy)81211-22.00 00
E Lockwood (Yor)131522-52.50 00
G Shoesmith (Sx)152193664-156.00 00
J West (Yor)187235895-36.44 10
JFF Horner (GEng)169213454-246.80 00
G Freeman (Yor)1930247484688-437.11 94
W Oscroft (Nt,Nth)124163144-317.75 00
W Hickton (La)623692022610-467.76 21
RF Miles (Gs)54553208246-208.66 31
OB Longcroft (Ham)5214453-158.80 00
FR Reynolds (La)32338100115-219.09 20
GM Kelson (Kent)34935132146-309.42 10
AN Hornby (La)4804044-4010.00 00
FH Farrands (MCC,Play)856100281286-2310.03 42
EE Ward (CU)62476203206-2910.15 10
JC Shaw (Nt,Nth)3302440990977-3010.20 114
RO Clayton (Yor)40551117114-3610.63 00
F Tate (Ham)29024139136-6310.69 20
WH Anstead (Sy)1063104424396-2710.87 41
E Bray (Sy)44829193167-3212.06 21
AA Reed (Sx)140146353-1812.60 00
E Willsher (Kent,Play,Sth)36755081062847-2212.64 92
WM Rose2831311-1313.00 00
G Howitt (Mx,Nt,Nth)1449164521407-1913.02 42
A Shaw (MCC,Nt,Nth,Play)46886281269937-2513.64 61
R Iddison (La,Yor,Nth)52124289215-3313.76 20
T Emmett (Yor,Nth)1744181757545-1914.01 40
W McIntyre (Nt,Nth)1418177508368-3614.11 31
J Southerton (Sx,Sy,Play,Sth)752071030712108-6714.62 247
J Lillywhite (Sx,Play,Sth)1507180468326-4514.62 20
CI Thornton (CU,Kent,MCC,Sth)3353113294-3614.66 00
SE Butler (OU)61154285247-6615.00 31
T Hayward (Nth,Play)8776044-1415.00 00
A Appleby (La,Gent,Nth)1581213484327-3715.12 30
GF Grace (Gs,Gent,Sth)1381150506335-3815.33 10
FC Cobden (CU,MCC)1509143668436-3515.53 41
WG Grace (Gs,MCC,Gent,Sth)1817173785506-2415.70 40
GR Atkinson (Yor,Nth)3784114293-4115.77 00
ID Walker (MCC,Mx,GEng,Gent,Sth)11677954-2115.80 00
D Buchanan (GEng)79791255167-4815.93 11
G Wootton (MCC,Nt,Nth,Play)41805101438907-4715.97 73
WB Spicer (Sy)4051711-1717.00 00
CK Francis (OU,Gent)1572162618417-10217.16 51
AA Bourne (CU)107995494287-6517.64 31
TH Belcher (OU)957116332194-2218.44 00
J May (Ham)2201711164-8018.50 00
E Rutter (Mx,GEng)1351126587317-4718.93 20
W Price (MCC,Nt,Play)260229755-6619.40 10
G Griffith (Sy,Play,Sth)2358224944488-8419.66 31
WH Hadow (Mx,OU)2782013872-1719.71 00
W Yardley (CU,Kent,MCC,Gent,Sth)196169952-2919.80 00
G Bennett (Kent)1248111625305-6420.83 20
L Greenwood (Yor)192208442-2921.00 00
R Lipscomb (Kent)53545253124-4421.08 00
AT Fortescue (OU)224278643-3921.50 00
JTBD Platts (MCC)3023213063-5621.66 00
T Hearne (MCC,Mx,Sth)4594518183-4222.62 00
J Street (Sy)29722501326586-3322.86 20
G Strachan (Gs,Mx)3763314163-3723.50 00
R Daft (Nt,Nth,Play)2241212253-2924.40 00
CA Absolom (Gent)76580309124-6025.75 00
F Silcock (Play,Sth)1029108383145-5327.35 10
J Norley (Kent)164158531-1628.33 00
R Fillery (Sx)4544119973-3128.42 00
C Martin (Ham)232258732-1329.00 00
FH Birley (La)179712043-7630.00 00
J Vince (Sy)89569454154-5830.26 00
WB Money (CU,Gent)50420333114-6230.27 00
W Elliott6853211-3232.00 00
T Humphrey (Sy,Play,Sth)164119732-2232.33 00
DW MacKinnon (La)139117021-835.00 00
JW Dale (CU,MCC,Gent,Nth)1801110732-1635.66 00
FH Hill (OU)2282010832-5236.00 00
AB Rowley (La)2843610932-2436.33 00
TW Wilson (CU,GEng)4645616042-4540.00 00
CJ Brune (CU,MCC,Mx)3243912832-1842.66 00
RD Walker (Mx)114114411-1544.00 00
FER Fryer (CU)3343113532-1645.00 00
M Staveley (Sy)12095111-2451.00 00
B Pauncefote (OU,Gent)8875111-2151.00 00
T Sherman (Sy)8855711-1657.00 00
H Croxford (Kent)2962815421-1977.00 00
EMH Riddell (MCC)168157911-3779.00 00
AJA Wilkinson (MCC,Mx,GEng)148118211-3082.00 00
EM Grace (Gs)20320    
D Eastwood (Yor)20350    
EW Pooley (Sy,Play,Sth)16170    
AH Lushington (Ham)8080    
HH Stephenson (Sy)12090    
JT Oscroft16290    
E Wormald (Kent)241110    
GH Remnant (Kent)80110    
H Holmes (Ham)120130    
JW Boddam-Whetham80130    
H Jupp (Sy,Play,Sth)160140    
F Buckle (Sy)325150    
C Marriott (MCC,OU)201160    
F Wyld (Nt)120180    
WH Fryer (Kent)445180    
R Long (Sy)361200    
HE Mayo (Sy)160220    
W Coppinger (Kent)281220    
CJ Smith (GEng)567290    
VE Walker (MCC,GEng)644310    
CV Eccles (Ham)643440    
TS Abraham (GEng)8810450    
F Kirkman (CU)13617580    
CW Walker1042850    





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