First-class Bowling in England for 1871 (Ordered by Average)

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JTBD Platts (Dy)84103885-344.75 10
H Mason (Cam)1901222-126.00 00
AA Reed (Sx)4852844-287.00 00
GH Remnant (Kent)284711-77.00 00
GR Atkinson3651622-168.00 00
D Gregory (Dy)39534144176-98.47 20
WM Rose (Nth)40428179218-718.52 21
F Wyld (Nt,AEE)120134354-338.60 00
Lord Harris (Kent,MCC,OU)3253133-1810.33 00
A Hill (Yor)61164201196-2410.57 21
WB Money (CU)11693233-510.66 00
RG Barlow (La)184127573-3110.71 00
WH Anstead (Sy)148135455-2910.80 10
WG Mills (La)92122222-2211.00 00
G Freeman (Yor,Play)1060124330297-3011.37 20
TW Wilson (CU,GEng)152155755-2511.40 10
WJ Carter (Sy)92113632-1512.00 00
SE Butler (OU,Gent)11361194463710-3812.05 42
DW MacKinnon (La)124106253-1312.40 00
T Emmett (Yor,AEE)1502153625508-3112.50 53
A Rylott2963910085-5312.50 10
WN Powys (CU)62946313259-4212.52 11
EM Grace (Gs)93096286226-3613.00 10
E Willsher (Kent,Sth)3025401935707-4613.35 72
G Bennett (Kent)95365465349-11313.67 31
G Shoesmith (Sx)200178365-4813.83 10
A Appleby (La,Gent)1839215639467-2113.89 31
FH Farrands (MCC,Nt,Nth)32393881111806-4014.06 82
A Shaw (MCC,Nt,Nth,Play)560574714631016-3214.48 93
F Morley336575844-5814.50 00
CJ Brune (MCC,Mx)49551220154-1714.66 00
F Stokes (Kent)162217453-3614.80 00
S Pelham (OU)908107268186-5114.88 10
RO Clayton (Yor,Nth)1307140492336-5214.90 51
C Tillard (CU)4051511-1515.00 00
FB Soden (Sy)2401511-1515.00 00
JT Oscroft (Nt)4031511-615.00 00
T Brown (Sy)3073610774-1615.28 00
FR Reynolds (La)83663322215-3915.33 20
W Hickton (Dy,La)1495164541355-4215.45 10
J Southerton (Sx,Sy,Play,Sth)653564323751518-6315.72 186
WH Hadow (MCC,Mx,OU,Gent,Sth)4164614494-3116.00 00
G Smith (Cam)332338054-6316.00 00
HB Sutherland (Kent)5233222-3216.00 00
E Bray (CU,Sy)144296640397-7816.41 41
W Law (OU,Yor,GEng)169196642-216.50 00
GM Kelson (Kent)7055031-816.66 00
CW Potter (Sy)7271711-1717.00 00
FA Carter (Gs)2411711-1717.00 00
WG Grace (Gs,MCC,GEng,Gent,Sth)30842821345797-6717.02 52
G Wootton (MCC,Nt,Nth)1232142485285-4517.32 10
JC Shaw (Nt,AEE,Nth,Play)42705211593909-8617.70 82
J Lillywhite (Sx,Play,Sth)2425312766435-517.81 20
D Buchanan (GEng,Gent)1546162577397-?18.03 42
W McCanlis (Kent)10085532-2418.33 00
E Rutter (Mx,GEng)1106101511266-4319.65 20
AB Rowley (La)180264022-2920.00 00
JW Dale (MCC,GEng,Gent,Nth)4462011-520.00 00
EE Ward (CU,MCC)68283206104-4020.60 00
FC Cobden (CU,MCC)60074336164-3321.00 00
A Lubbock (Kent,Gent,Sth)76102111-1221.00 00
F Townsend (Gs)320328542-2921.25 00
F Silcock2162211055-5622.00 10
RF Miles (Gs)85769356166-5022.25 10
G Howitt (Mx,Nth)1701159725326-8422.65 31
CI Thornton (CU,Kent,MCC,Gent,Sth)956106390174-3822.94 00
J Street (Sy)31042741310567-14123.39 41
R Lipscomb (Kent)1203102588259-8823.52 20
M McIntyre (Nt,AEE,Nth,Play)1518152599254-2923.96 00
GF Grace (Gs,Gent,Sth)851102316134-3824.30 00
G Strachan (Gs,Mx,GEng,Gent,Sth)1280116517245-4524.61 10
WG Marten (Kent,Sy)26252581095446-9024.88 11
J Unsworth (La)160117533-5225.00 00
R Iddison (Yor)2391015362-2625.50 00
RH Arber (Cam)14485122-2925.50 00
J West (MCC,Yor)4004612953-2625.80 00
W Oscroft (Nt,AEE,Nth,Play)2802611-2626.00 00
T Whatmough (La)14077932-5226.33 00
E Lockwood (Yor,Nth,Play)216218332-4227.66 00
H Grace (Gs)8678533-4828.33 00
CK Francis (OU)4133914553-4229.00 00
R Fillery (Sx)4422911-2929.00 00
EA Skinner (Sy)200128932-3329.66 00
CA Absolom (Kent)5205124183-4930.12 00
G Griffith (Sy)5053723374-9033.28 00
T Hayward (Cam,AEE,Nth,Play)3963718152-6136.20 00
T Hearne (Mx,Sth)232287822-3139.00 00
W Elliott (Nt)6454111-1841.00 00
EMH Riddell (MCC)8054611-3346.00 00
W McIntyre (Nt,AEE,Nth)8728333872-1348.28 00
J Potter (Kent)3043111421-2357.00 00
L Greenwood (Yor)168196211-6262.00 00
G Campbell8447311-7373.00 00
ID Walker (MCC,Mx,GEng,Gent,Sth)15497811-178.00 00
C Morgan (Sy)4765417021-3685.00 00
H Jupp (Sy,Play,Sth)20420    
D Eastwood (Yor)48850    
NW Wallace (Gs)16060    
EW Pooley (Sy,Play,Sth)8170    
ES Garnier (OU)32370    
W Williams (Nt)16180    
JC Gregory (Sy)120120    
C Marriott (OU)01120    
J Taylor (La)201130    
RP Carpenter (Cam,AEE,Nth,Play)240140    
ET Drake (MCC)161140    
N Morris (Kent)120140    
F King (Kent)161150    
GWS Lyttelton (GEng)520180    
P King (Sy)160180    
Bull (Kent)360220    
E Lubbock (Kent)688230    
J Norley (Kent)523230    
FER Fryer (CU)726470    
W Yardley (CU,Kent,MCC,Gent)562480    
G Clifford (Sy)684490    
HH Stephenson (Sy)642570    
T Humphrey (Sy)1008570    
J Hearsum (Sy)13912590    
R Daft (Nt,AEE,Nth,Play)1044730    
A Freeman (Sy)1296770    





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