A profile of Charlie Hallows
by Dave Liverman

Player:C Hallows

Charlie Hallows made cricket his life, with a first-class career that ran from 1914 to 1932, and followed this with years of professional league cricket, holding posts in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. After retiring as an active player, he went into coaching, and was chief coach first of Worcestershire, then of Lancashire, a position he held until his retirement at the age of 74. As a cricketer his name is always paired with that of his opening partner Makepeace, forming as they did the solid opening foundation that led Lancashire to three successive Championships in 1926, 1927 and 1928. Makepeace was mostly a defensive player and Hallows was the ideal foil, making runs quickly and with style. Tall, slim and handsome, he played with an upright style with command of a wide range of shots. An excellent fielder, he was very quick on his feet. His finest year was 1928, when he completed the rare feat of 1,000 runs in May, culminating with an innings of 232 on May 30th. Playing in an era dominated by splendid opening batsmen- Hobbs and Sutcliffe, Sandham, Holmes and more, he only was picked twice for England.

(Article: Copyright © 2003 Dave Liverman)


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