Scorecard Oracle

Scorecard Oracle will help you find a match scorecard if it's on CricketArchive.

Unless you use the exact match buttons, the oracle will look for teams containing the search word, so without the exact match, "Australia" will match "Australia", "Western Australia", "South Australia", "Australia Women", etc. Some standard abbreviations for English counties are allowed, eg "Notts"

For seasons, use the form 1999 or 1998/99.

Beware - some searches can take a very long time - this is frustrating for you and takes up our server resources.
Please try to restrict your search by use of all the fields.

match id
  (Use the match id if you know the match number.
Note that this is not the filename match number.
If match id is used, all the other fields will be ignored.)
team exact match
restrict to
restrict to opponent exact match
restrict seasons start season end season
restrict match type
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