Kumar Sangakkara advises Sri Lankan police: Respect your uniform and work with integrity
by Bipin Dani

Player:KC Sangakkara

DateLine: 26th September 2016


Mumbai, Sept. 25 : Former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara's speech to the police audience was as fluent as his batting and keeping behind the stumps on the field.


KS or Sanga, as he is affectionately called, addressed the high-ranking police force on Saturday morning (at Mirihana).


"Mr. Kumar Sangakkara was spoken to when he was in England playing for Surrey. He agreed instantly to address the Police. He returned to Sri Lanka only last Sunday after the Lord's final on Saturday. Since then he has been spending time in Jaffna participating in Murali Cup and despite the hectic schedule was present to address our officers for an hour or so...", Salinda Samarakoon, the police officer, speaking exclusively over his mobile, said on Sunday morning.


"There's nothing actually to dislike about Sangakkara. His punctuality, his simplicity, his oratory skills and awareness about social responsibility are to be admired",


"Despite fame and popularity he is extremely down to earth too. There were about 100 officers. They were all thrilled and overjoyed by whatever Kumar said".


"He motivated them to do the small things right".


"It was great to have him", Salinda Samarakoon added further.


Excerpts from KS's speech:


Remember that when people call you, they are in distress. You must respect the caller and know that they depend on you. Be courteous. You are responsible to make the public happy and safe. When you do these good deeds you will feel happy.


Respect your uniform and work with integrity. People should be able to say that I contacted such and such police officer and he was helpful.


Any person who says that he is going to give you 200 percent is lying. As humans, we can’t give more than 100 percent. There are days you feel down and not at your best. That’s human nature, but try to do the most you can.


When I was captain, I told the team that we are representing 20 million people and we have a huge responsibility. Similarly, you are chosen to represent your country. You are lucky to be selected as policemen. Lead by example and set the standards high and see how people change. Work with dedication and results will be there.


I was an average cricketer at school. Mahela Jayawardene was destined to play for Sri Lanka when he was 15 years old. Had you seen me play at that stage, you wouldn’t have considered me to represent the country. But once I had the opportunity, I worked harder.


When I am dismissed in a cricket match, I know I had committed a mistake. I have to learn from that mistake and work on it to avoid getting dismissed the same way again. Similarly, in life when we make mistakes, we need to learn fast to avoid the same mistake again.


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