Match report Ireland v West Indians (match 2)
by Gerry Byrne

Scorecard:Ireland v West Indians

DateLine: 16th December 2004


There were two changes in the Irish team from the previous day’s game. Gordon Cooke and Adrian McCoubrey were both unable to play due to injuries suffered in that game. They were replaced by J.F.Mooney and R.L.Eagleson, the latter being called into the squad.


The West Indies made one change – R.D.Jacobs replacing C.S.Baugh. Jacobs had previously spent a year in Northern Ireland as professional with Eglinton.


Rain caused a delay of 45 minutes before the match started. There was a further delay of 22 minutes due to rain in the Ireland innings. However neither delay caused any shortening in the match.


Gary Wilson and Robert Rankin both sub fielded during the West Indian Innings. Wilson replaced Ryan Eagleson who came off after bowling the first 7 overs of the Innings from one end. Wilson took two catches to go with the one he took on the previous day. Rankin, like Wilson, had been part of the Under 19 World Cup side. Morgan also had been part of that team.


Niall O’Brien won the man of the Match award. This again was the same as the previous day - £500 plus a glass tankard. On his return to Kent he again played against the West Indies in the second next of their warm up matches.


Bravo brought up his 100 with a 6 off the last ball of the West Indies Innings. In all he faced 66 balls and hit 3 6’s and 9 4’s.


50 Partnerships
For Ireland
1st wicket	111	J.A.M.Molins/J.P.Bray
2nd wicket	 52	J.P.Bray/A.C.Botha
4th wicket	 55	N.J.O’Brien/P.G.Gillespie
5th wicket	 57*	N.J.O’Brien/A.R.White


Against Ireland 3rd wicket 72 Devon Smith/R.L.Powell 6th wicket 131 R.D.Jaobs/D.J.J.Bravo


(Article: Copyright © 2004 Gerry Byrne)


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