Test Matches played on Edgbaston, Birmingham (52)

29th May 1902 Australia in British Isles 1902 1st TestEngland v Australiat70
27th May 1909 Australia in British Isles 1909 1st TestEngland v Australiat101
14th June 1924 South Africa in British Isles 1924 1st TestEngland v South Africat153
15th June 1929 South Africa in British Isles 1929 1st TestEngland v South Africat181
30th May 1957 West Indies in British Isles 1957 1st TestEngland v West Indiest439
5th June 1958 New Zealand in British Isles 1958 1st TestEngland v New Zealandt454
9th June 1960 South Africa in England 1960 1st TestEngland v South Africat492
8th June 1961 Australia in British Isles 1961 1st TestEngland v Australiat507
31st May 1962 Pakistan in British Isles 1962 1st TestEngland v Pakistant530
4th July 1963 West Indies in British Isles 1963 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest545
27th May 1965 New Zealand in British Isles 1965 1st TestEngland v New Zealandt591
13th July 1967 India in British Isles 1967 3rd TestEngland v Indiat620
11th July 1968 Australia in British Isles 1968 3rd TestEngland v Australiat639
3rd June 1971 Pakistan in British Isles 1971 1st TestEngland v Pakistant687
9th August 1973 West Indies in England 1973 2nd TestEngland v West Indiest726
4th July 1974 India in British Isles 1974 3rd TestEngland v Indiat741
10th July 1975 Australia in England 1975 1st TestEngland v Australiat760
1st June 1978 Pakistan in England 1978 1st TestEngland v Pakistant825
12th July 1979 India in England 1979 1st TestEngland v Indiat851
30th July 1981 Australia in British Isles 1981 4th TestEngland v Australiat906
29th July 1982 Pakistan in British Isles 1982 1st TestEngland v Pakistant931
14th June 1984 West Indies in British Isles 1984 1st TestEngland v West Indiest989
15th August 1985 Australia in British Isles 1985 5th TestEngland v Australiat1021
3rd July 1986 India in British Isles 1986 3rd TestEngland v Indiat1048
23rd July 1987 Pakistan in British Isles 1987 4th TestEngland v Pakistant1078
6th July 1989 Australia in British Isles 1989 3rd TestEngland v Australiat1123
5th July 1990 New Zealand in British Isles 1990 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt1147
25th July 1991 West Indies in British Isles 1991 4th TestEngland v West Indiest1174
4th June 1992 Pakistan in British Isles 1992 1st TestEngland v Pakistant1189
5th August 1993 Australia in British Isles 1993 5th TestEngland v Australiat1230
6th July 1995 West Indies in British Isles 1995 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest1300
6th June 1996 India in England 1996 1st TestEngland v Indiat1327
5th June 1997 Australia in British Isles 1997 1st TestEngland v Australiat1368
4th June 1998 South Africa in British Isles 1998 1st TestEngland v South Africat1417
1st July 1999 New Zealand in England 1999 1st TestEngland v New Zealandt1455
15th June 2000 West Indies in British Isles 2000 1st TestEngland v West Indiest1500
5th July 2001 Australia in British Isles 2001 1st TestEngland v Australiat1550
30th May 2002 Sri Lanka in England 2002 2nd TestEngland v Sri Lankat1605
24th July 2003 South Africa in British Isles 2003 1st TestEngland v South Africat1651
29th July 2004 West Indies in British Isles 2004 2nd TestEngland v West Indiest1708
4th August 2005 Australia in British Isles 2005 2nd TestEngland v Australiat1758
25th May 2006 Sri Lanka in England 2006 2nd TestEngland v Sri Lankat1803
30th July 2008 South Africa in England 2008 3rd TestEngland v South Africat1883
30th July 2009 Australia in British Isles 2009 3rd TestEngland v Australiat1928
6th August 2010 Pakistan in England 2010 2nd TestEngland v Pakistant1969
10th August 2011 India in England 2011 3rd TestEngland v Indiat2003
7th June 2012 West Indies in England 2012 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest2045
29th July 2015 Australia in England and Ireland 2015 3rd TestEngland v Australiat2173
3rd August 2016 Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant2212
17th August 2017 West Indies in England and Ireland 2017 1st TestEngland v West Indiest2270
1st August 2018 India in England and Ireland 2018 1st TestEngland v Indiat2314
1st August 2019 Australia in England 2019 1st TestEngland v Australiat2353





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