Garrison 1 Cricket Ground, Chatham

Ground Name:Garrison 1 Cricket Ground, Chatham (-current)
 Nore Command Cricket Ground, Chatham
 Royal Navy and Royal Marines Recreation Ground, Chatham
Address:Garrison 1 Cricket Ground, King's Bastion, Gillingham
Use Span:First match on the database was in season 1879
Last match on the database was in season 2018
Notes:Like all sites associated with the Chatham Naval Base, the ground is referred to as being Chatham but in fact the ground has always been within the municipal boundaries of Gillingham
Records:Records on the ground
Pictures:Batting Portrait of Lt OW Cornwallis RN, 1921
 Philadelphia Pilgrims Team in England 1921
List ofFirst-Class Matches played on this ground
 Minor Counties Championship Matches played on this ground
 Other matches played on this ground





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