Higher Common Ground, Tunbridge Wells - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

36Kent v Sussex1858f1074
38Sussex v Kent1845f695
38Kent v Surrey1879f2232
39Sussex v Kent1877f2056
45South v North1857f1037
49North v South1857f1037
49Australians v United Eleven1882f2572
54Sussex v Kent1849f811
54Kent v Sussex1849f811
54Kent v Surrey1856f1010
56Sussex v Kent1847f751
56South v North1875f1919
58Kent v Surrey1856f1010
58Sussex v Kent1878f2143
59Sussex v Kent1846f725
59Sussex v Kent1861f1161
60Kent v Sussex1845f695
62South v North1875f1919
63Kent v Sussex1858f1074
64Sussex v Kent1847f751
64Sussex v Kent1880f2317
72Kent v Sussex1852f902
72South v North1857f1037
74North v South1855f982
77North v South1855f982
77Sussex v Kent1860f1127
78Kent v Derbyshire1877f2055
80Kent v Sussex1848f778
80Kent v Sussex1866f1407
82Single v Married1844f675
82Kent v Sussex1848f778
83Kent v Sussex1859f1099
84Kent v Surrey1863f1228
85Kent v Marylebone Cricket Club1879f2235
86Kent v Sussex1852f902
86Sussex v Kent1860f1127
86Kent v Sussex1861f1161
88Kent v Derbyshire1874f1835
89Kent and Sussex v All England Eleven1853f923
92Derbyshire v Kent1874f1835
93Sussex v Kent1851f869
93Kent v Surrey1863f1228
93Sussex v Kent1866f1407
98Kent v Sussex1847f751
98Kent v Sussex1851f869
98Sussex v Kent1859f1099
99Sussex v Kent1850f828
99Sussex v Kent1861f1161





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