Other matches played on Back Creek Ground, Bendigo (19)

Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
11th March 1862 HH Stephenson's XI in Australia 1861/62  Bendigo v HH Stephenson's XImisc29024
7th January 1864 G Parr's XI in Australia and New Zealand 1863/64  Bendigo v G Parr's XImisc29028
12th February 1874 WG Grace's XI in Australia 1873/74  Sandhurst v WG Grace's XImisc29099
23rd November 1875 Other matches in Australia 1875/76  Bendigo United v Bohemiansmisc258980
20th March 1877 James Lillywhite's XI in Australia and New Zealand 1876/77  Bendigo v James Lillywhite's XImisc29120
26th December 1877 Other matches in Australia 1877/78  Bendigo v Australiansmisc29132
28th December 1877 Other matches in Australia 1877/78 Fill-up MatchBendigo v Australiansmisc29133
8th January 1879 Other matches in Australia 1878/79  Bendigo v Australiansmisc29160
26th February 1879 Lord Harris' XI in Australia and New Zealand 1878/79  Bendigo v Lord Harris' XImisc29154
7th January 1880 Other matches in Australia 1879/80  Bendigo v Australiansmisc29164
9th November 1881 Other matches in Australia 1881/82  Bendigo United v Bohemiansmisc260596
22nd November 1882 IFW Bligh's XI in Australia 1882/83  Sandhurst v IFW Bligh's XImisc29209
10th January 1883 Other matches in Australia 1882/83  Bendigo v Australiansmisc29222
23rd December 1884 A Shaw's XI in Australia 1884/85  Bendigo v A Shaw's XImisc29240
15th March 1887 A Shaw's XI in Australia 1886/87  Sandhurst v A Shaw's XImisc29292
16th November 1887 GF Vernon's XI in Australia 1887/88  Sandhurst v GF Vernon's XImisc29339
31st December 1887 A Shrewsbury's XI in Australia and New Zealand 1887/88  Bendigo v A Shrewsbury's XImisc29318
2nd December 1888 Other matches in Australia 1888/89  Bendigo v Australiansmisc29357
11th March 1902 Other matches in Australia 1901/02  Bendigo v Australiansmisc104878





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