Hafizabad v Gujrat
Inter-District Senior Tournament 2015 (Sialkot Region)
VenueMunicipal Stadium, Hafizabad on 9th, 10th, 11th June 2015 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossGujrat won the toss and decided to field
ResultGujrat won by an innings and 49 runs
PointsHafizabad 0; Gujrat 10
UmpiresMohammad Asif, Sohail Manzoor
Close of play day 1
Close of play day 2

Hafizabad first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Afzal Ahmedb Malik Mushtaq0     
Hassan Razab Majid Ilyas14     
Adnan Rasoollbw b Malik Mushtaq14     
+Awais Babarc Adnan Ijaz b Raees Haider44     
*Salman Cheemac Israr Ali b Zeeshan Abbas10     
Bilal Azmatc Mohammad Faisal b Zeeshan Abbas0     
Khizar Hayatc Rana Ikramullah b Majid Ilyas54     
Mohammad Ali Ashrafc Majid Ilyas b Raees Haider4     
Farhan Ahmedc Mohammad Faisal b Majid Ilyas23     
Umair Nazirnot out15     
Saad Ijazlbw b Raees Haider1     
Extras(5 b, 7 nb)12
Total(all out, 47.2 overs)191
Fall of wickets:
1-0, 2-23, 3-47, 4-83, 5-84, 6-92, 7-96, 8-154, 9-182, 10-191 (47.2 ov)
Gujrat bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Malik Mushtaq10   3332--
Majid Ilyas13   2563-1
Israr Ali2   0200-3
Zeeshan Abbas12   1472-3
Raees Haider10.21303--

Gujrat first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Mohammad Alic Awais Babar b Umair Nazir0     
Adnan Ijazlbw b Umair Nazir11     
Rana Ikramullahlbw b Umair Nazir212     
*Raees Haiderc Umair Nazir b Adnan Rasool112     
Israr Alic Adnan Rasool b Umair Nazir5     
+Mohammad Faisallbw b Umair Nazir5     
Waleed Javedc Mohammad Ali Ashraf b Saad Ijaz1     
Fayyaz Ahmedrun out (Awais Babar)5     
Majid Ilyasc Bilal Azmat b Umair Nazir0     
Malik Mushtaqnot out13     
Zeeshan Abbasdid not bat      
Extras(1 b, 3 lb, 3 w)7
Total(9 wickets, innings closed, 83 overs)371
Fall of wickets:
1-0, 2-17, 3-318, 4-342, 5-346, 6-349, 7-353, 8-353, 9-371 (83 ov)
Hafizabad bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Umair Nazir22   56961-
Bilal Azmat14   4590--
Adnan Rasool13   26511-
Mohammad Ali Ashraf10   04201-
Saad Ijaz13   0701--
Salman Cheema11   0620--

Hafizabad second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Bilal Azmatc Raees Haider b Majid Ilyas14     
Hassan Razab Malik Mushtaq27     
Adnan Rasoolc Rana Ikramullah b Raees Haider39     
*Salman Cheemac Mohammad Faisal b Malik Mushtaq0     
+Awais Babarc Mohammad Faisal b Malik Mushtaq0     
Khizar Hayatlbw b Raees Haider13     
Umair Nazirc Rana Ikramullah b Malik Mushtaq3     
Mohammad Ali Ashraflbw b Zeeshan Abbas6     
Afzal Ahmedc Rana Ikramullah b Zeeshan Abbas1     
Farhan Ahmednot out13     
Saad Ijazlbw b Zeeshan Abbas2     
Extras(6 b, 2 lb, 4 nb, 1 w)13
Total(all out, 42.3 overs)131
Fall of wickets:
1-28, 2-54, 3-54, 4-59, 5-94, 6-97, 7-110, 8-114, 9-115, 10-131 (42.3 ov)
Gujrat bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Malik Mushtaq16   2634-2
Majid Ilyas9   029111
Zeeshan Abbas10.35243-1
Raees Haider6   472--
Israr Ali1   100--

--> Each first innings was limited to 83 overs





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