Bowling in Hallyburton Johnstone Challenge Shield 1944/45 (Ordered by Average)

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PM Holley (Ot)00711-77.00 00
JW Francis (Well)004563-217.50 00
P Blackler (Cant)23420166206-188.30 21
MJ Taylor (Cant)17311128155-128.53 10
MJ Fulford (Well)005464-219.00 00
EM Busbridge (Ot)002733-279.00 00
ZE Hocking (Cant)102108295-309.11 10
RU McKenzie (Auck)7226164-2910.16 00
JG Lamason (Well)005353-1710.60 00
D Crimp (Cant)003233-3210.66 00
DN Cliffe (Auck)3012321-511.50 00
IM Lamason (Well)003733-2812.33 00
MD Prebble (Cant)3002621-813.00 00
HM Thompson (Auck)9738253-3316.40 00
VE Burt (Auck)7215332-2817.66 00
IE Stephen (Ot)003722-3718.50 00
WJ Bilkey (Auck)002111-2121.00 00
S Foote (Auck)9014421-2122.00 00
VE Russell (Cant)114711653-1923.20 00
A Gaffaney (Ot)003511-3535.00 00
ZM Martin (Cant)0020    
L Johnston (Ot)0090    
MD Coldham (Auck)240160    
N Hanlin (Ot)00350    
VM Garland (Ot)00530    





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