Canada Players (I)


C i (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
DM I (Sun Life Insurance Company of Montreal)
G i (Lakefield College School Juniors)
L i (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
R i (St Andrew's College)
S i (Trinity College School Juniors)
T i (Upper Canada College Juniors)
Ibbotson (Canada Cutlery Company)
F Ibbotson (Canada Cutlery Company)
Ibbotston (Canada Cutlery Company)
R Ibsen (Wanderers, Wanderers B)
Ibson (Wanderers, Wanderers C)
R Ibson (Wanderers, Wanderers B, Wanderers C, Wanderers Whites)
Ide (Islington)
Ifall (Toronto University)
N Ifill (Canada)
N Ifill (D King's Toronto and District XI)
N Ifill (Victoria Park)
A Ifran (Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Mississauga)
J Ifthekhar (Deloitte)
M Ifthikhar (Midwest Cricket Club)
U Iftikhar (Team Abigail)
A Ifullah (Grand Trunk Railway)
BA Iggulden (Canada, Toronto Cricket Club)
PG Iggulden (Canadian Cricket Association Independent Schools All Star XI)
Ihsan Khan (Manitoba)
S Ihtasham (University of Toronto Scarborough Campus)
B Ii (Upper Canada College Second XI)
D Ii (St Andrew's College Second XI)
F Ii (St Andrew's College Second XI)
G Ii (Lakefield College School Juniors)
J Ii (Trinity College School Upper Flat)
Lazier Ii (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
Lennard Ii (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
O Ii (Trinity College School)
O Ii (Trinity College School)
R Ii (St Andrew's College)
S Ii (Upper Canada College)
S Ii (Trinity College School Juniors)
T Ii (Upper Canada College Juniors)
W Ii (Trinity College School Upper Flat)
W Ii (St Andrew's College Second XI)
F Iii (St Andrew's College)
S Iii (St Andrew's College Juniors)
W Iii (St Andrew's College Second XI)
Ikram (Manitoba and Saskatchewan Under-17s)
T Ikram (Indian Cricket Academy)
T Ikram (Niagara Elites)
Ilam (East Toronto)
W Ilbertson (Montreal Woollen Mills)
Iles (Toronto Junction)
P Iles (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
Illing (Berlin)
Illingworth (Toronto)
Illingworth (Wanderers)
Illingworth (British Columbia)
C Illingworth (Burrards, Nanaimo, Vancouver)
C Illingworth (Veterans of France)
C Illingworth (Wanderers)
C Illingworth (Denman)
C Illingworth (Shelleys)
C Illingworth (Vancouver and Burrards)
C Illingworth (J Minn's XI)
C Illingworth (Mainland)
C Illingworth (Bancroft's XI)
C Illingworth (Five Cs)
CJ Illingworth (Vancouver Old Boys)
F Illingworth (Western Ontario)
H Ilstead (St James)
Imam (Newfoundland and Labrador)
A Imran Ahmed (Telus)
Imran Khan (Trivision-Imperial)
Imran Raja (Royals)
G Imrie (South Western Ontario Cricket League)
J Imrie (Island Aquatic)
R Imrie (St Barnabas)
S Imtiaz (University of Waterloo)
W Imtiaz (University of Waterloo)
D Inason (St Mark's)
Ince (Quebec)
Ince (Napanee and District)
Ince (New Fort)
Ince (Parkdale Colts)
Ince (Belleville)
Ince (Toronto Bankers)
Ince (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
Ince (Lakefield Rovers)
Ince (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
Ince (Trinity College School Juniors)
AD Ince (McGill Cricket Club, McGill University, McGill University B, McGill University Juniors, Montreal)
AD Ince (Quebec)
AD Ince (CC MacCaulay's XI)
AD Ince (Lachine)
AD Ince (British West Indies)
AD Ince (Westward, Westward B)
AE Ince (N Seagram's XI)
AR Ince (McGill University)
AS Ince (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
B Ince (McGill University)
C Ince (Toronto and District Cricket Council)
D Ince (McGill University)
F Ince (Trinity College School)
G Ince (Trinity College School)
HB Ince (Westward, Westward B)
HB Ince (HM Worm's XI)
HB Ince (Wanderers, Wanderers A)
J Ince (Toronto)
J Ince (Toronto Cricket Club)
J Ince (Canadian I Zingari)
J Ince (Bankers of Ontario)
J Ince (Evangelia)
James Ince (C Company)
JH Ince (C Company, Trinity College School, Trinity College School Rovers, University of Trinity College)
JH Ince (Trinity College School Second XI)
W Ince (Trinity College School Old Boys)
WG Ince (Trinity College School Juniors)
E Inch (Ottawa)
JH Inch (Niagara Falls)
TJ Inch (Dundas)
E Incson (Hochelaga)
Ind (Married of Bracebridge)
Ineson (Hochelaga)
E Ineson (Hochelaga)
F Ing (Newmarket)
H Ing (Newmarket)
Ingel (St Edmund's)
B Inger (St Chad's)
Ingersoll (St Catharines)
Ingersoll (Victoria Rifles)
JM Ingersoll (Longueuil)
JM Ingersoll (St George's Club of Montreal, St George's Club of Montreal Juniors)
JM Ingersoll (Montreal)
H Ingham (Paris)
JP Ingham (Trinity College School)
R Ingham (Manitoba Cricket Association B)
WG Ingham (Yorkshire Society)
Ingle (Work Point Garrison)
A Ingle (St Mark's)
A Ingle (Toronto City Cricket League)
H Ingle (St Mark's)
A Ingleby (Moose Jaw)
HW Ingleby (University of Trinity College)
D Ingledon (Canadian Cricket Association Colts)
Ingles (Watford)
Ingles (Parkdale)
Ingles (St Alban's School)
Ingles (Trinity College School Old Boys)
Ingles (Toronto)
A Ingles (Canadian XI)
AM Ingles (Toronto Cricket Club)
AM Ingles (Upper Canada College Old Boys)
CJ Ingles (Trinity College School)
CJ Ingles (Toronto)
CJ Ingles (Toronto Cricket Club)
CJ Ingles (Trinity College School Old Boys)
CL Ingles (umpire)
CL Ingles (Trinity College School Old Boys, Trinity College School Upper Flat)
CT Ingles (Toronto)
GL Ingles (Canadian I Zingari)
GL Ingles (University of Trinity College)
GL Ingles (Trinity College School Second XI)
GL Ingles (Trinity College School Old Boys)
GL Ingles (Toronto Zingari)
GL Ingles (Toronto)
GL Ingles (St George's Club of Toronto)
JL Ingles (University of Trinity College)
R Ingleton (St John's Cricket Club of Nova Scotia)
Inglis (University of Trinity College)
Inglis (Toronto Colts)
Inglis (Rosedale)
Inglis (Hamilton and District)
Inglis (H Drope's Mixed Old Boys XI)
Inglis (St Andrew's College Old Boys)
Inglis (City of Vancouver)
A Inglis (Grace Church)
AM Inglis (Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Western Ontario)
AM Inglis (St Catharines)
AM Inglis (Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Second XI)
AM Inglis (Ontario)
CJ Inglis (Toronto Cricket Club)
EM Inglis (Toronto)
FW Inglis (City of Vancouver)
GL Inglis (City Hall)
GL Inglis (St George's Club of Toronto)
GM Inglis (Canadian XI)
HW Inglis (City of Vancouver)
J Inglis (Toronto University)
OM Inglis (Canadian XI)
RH Inglis (Ridley College)
TM Inglis (Eastern Canada)
WW Inglis (Wingham Town Council)
Ingram (Ottawa)
A Ingram (Sun-Life Insurance Company of Montreal)
AS Ingram (Ridley College)
CL Ingram (umpire)
GL Ingram (umpire)
J Ingram (Mountain Street)
NGS Ingram (umpire)
R Ingram (North Vancouver)
W Ingram (Great War Veterans Association)
Ings (St Andrew's College Second XI)
F Ings (Newmarket)
HJ Ings (Manitoba)
MGP Inkpen (Toronto Ramblers)
S Inksater (Paris, Paris Juniors)
S Inkster (Paris)
Innes (Pacific Squadron)
Innes (Toronto Church School)
Innes (HMS Esquimalt and Constance)
Innes (Alpha Delta Phi)
Innes (Westward B)
B Innes (Ottawa)
D Innes (Mount Royal, Mount Royal B, Mount Royal C)
DL Innes (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys)
HM Innes (Cathedral Institute)
L Innes (Mount Royal B)
M Innes (Canadian Cricket Association Colts)
RH Innes (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys)
RH Innes (St Edmund's)
RH Innes (Toronto Cricket Club)
RH Innes (Alpha Delta Society)
RH Innes (Hamilton)
RH Innes (Alpha Beta)
Innis (Beaver Club of Toronto)
BdL Innis (Westward)
J Innis (Valleyfield)
JW Innis (Brockton Point)
RC Innis (Business Network International)
Inniss (Westward)
B Inniss (Westward)
B Inniss (Mount Royal)
A Innocent (Defence)
A Innocent (Cathedral)
J Innocent (Defence)
Inwood (Hamilton)
J Inwood (Stratford)
H Iqbal (Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Mississauga)
M Iqbal (Ontario Australian Football League)
S Iqbal (Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust)
T Iqbal (Canada Over-50s)
U Iqbal (Royal Bank Lions)
U Iqbal (University of Waterloo)
U Iqbal (University of Toronto Scarborough Campus)
Z Iqbal (George Brown College)
Iredale (Royal Canadian Dragoons)
Iredale (Toronto Garrison)
W Iredale (Marlborough, Marlborough Juniors)
Ireland (Brockville)
Ireland (University of Trinity College)
Ireland (St Catharines)
Ireland (Island Aquatic Amateur Association)
Ireland (Chatham)
Ireland (Chatham)
A Ireland (Chatham, Sarnia)
D Ireland (Wanderers)
D Ireland (Royal Canadian Air Force)
E Ireland (Chatham)
FC Ireland (Kingston)
R Ireland (Ontario Australian Football League)
R Ireland (Westward B)
R Ireland (Wanderers)
RT Ireland (Wanderers B, Wanderers C)
A Irfan (Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Mississauga)
A Irfan (Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Mississauga)
A Irfan (Ontario Greens Under-17s)
A Irfan (Oakville Cricket Academy Under-19s)
A Irfan (Haynes Cup Team D)
A Irfan (Clarkson Cavaliers Under-19s)
Irfan Khan (Telus)
Irvin (Ashbury School)
Irvin (Ashbury College)
Irvin (Lansdowne Club of Halifax)
Irvin (Mount Royal)
Irvin (Ashbury College)
Irvin (Ashbury College Staff)
A Irvin (West Toronto)
GS Irvin (Ashbury College Old Boys)
J Irvin (Ashbury College)
JS Irvin (Ashbury College Old Boys)
Irvine (TD Phillips' XI)
Irvine (Victoria)
Irvine (Parkdale)
Irvine (St Marys)
Irvine (Stratford)
Irvine (Mimico)
Irvine (Old Country Club, Old Country Club B)
Irvine (Harriston)
Irvine (Montreal Rovers)
Irvine (St Marys)
Irvine (Listowel)
Irvine (Perth County)
Irvine (Yorkville)
Irvine (Army and Navy)
AM Irvine (Ashbury College)
CE Irvine (St Marys)
CR Irvine (Ridley College, Ridley College Second XI)
G Irvine (Vancouver)
J Irvine (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Brent House Bigside, Trinity College School Lower Flat)
J Irvine (PM Orbinski's XI)
J Irvine (New Edinburgh)
J Irvine (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
JA Irvine (Trinity College School Old Boys)
JA Irvine (Cathedral)
JS Irvine (Ashbury College)
JS Irvine (HL Fraser's XI)
O Irvine (Mainland)
PE Irvine (Toronto)
VN Irvine (Ridley College)
Irving (Victoria)
Irving (St Marys)
Irving (Mimico)
Irving (City Hall)
Irving (Old Country)
Irving (St George's Club of Toronto)
Irving (Victoria)
Irving (Royal Military College)
Irving (Royal Military Academy, Kingston)
Irving (Wanderers)
Irving (Army and Navy)
Irving (Vancouver)
Irving (West Toronto)
Irving (Bishop's College School, Lennoxville)
Irving (Old Country Club B)
Irving (6th Canadian Field Engineers)
Irving (Engineers)
AT Irving (Upper Canada College Past)
C Irving (Burrards)
C Irving (Army and Navy)
C Irving (Wanderers)
G Irving (Brockton Point)
G Irving (Burrards)
G Irving (Vancouver)
H Irving (St Albans)
H Irving (Parkdale)
J Irving (St George's Club of Toronto)
J Irving (Bishop's College School, Lennoxville)
JA Irving (Parkdale, Parkdale Colts, Parkdale Seniors)
JA Irving (Ottawa Juniors)
JR Irving (Seaton Village)
PA Irving (Canada, Canada West, Hamilton, Newmarket, Ontario, Toronto, Trinity College School)
PE Irving (Trinity College School, University of Trinity College)
PE Irving (Victoria)
PE Irving (Trinity College School Old Boys)
R Irving (Manitoba)
R Irving (East Toronto)
R Irving (TH Cox's XI)
RA Irving (University of Trinity College)
SC Irving (Manitoba)
SR Irving (East Toronto)
Irwin (New Westminster)
Irwin (Lindsay)
Irwin (Montreal Rovers)
Irwin (St Marys)
Irwin (West Toronto)
Irwin (Canadian Cricket Association Colts)
Irwin (Ashbury College Staff)
C Irwin (Listowel)
DM Irwin (Trinity College School)
FS Irwin (Trinity College School)
G Irwin (Westmount)
H Irwin (Bonaventure)
HW Irwin (Montreal Rovers)
J Irwin (Ashbury College)
JR Irwin (Trinity College School)
MB Irwin (Aurora)
P Irwin (Canadian Cricket Association Independent Schools All Star XI)
R Irwin (Midland District)
A Isaac (Strathcona East)
Isaacs (Telephones)
D Isaacs (Telephones)
K Isaacs (Quebec Cricket Federation Under-19s)
N Isaacs (Canada)
T Isaiah Schulz-Franco (Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Victoria)
Isbeater (Ottawa)
A Isblaster (Ottawa)
Ishan Khan (MariGail)
Ishtiak Khan (Ottawa Valley Cricket League)
Ishtiaq Khan (Alberta Juniors)
Ishtiaq Khan (Canadian Cricket Association Colts)
S Islam (SNC-Lavalin)
Isles (Garrett)
Isles (Evangelia)
T Isles (Evangelia)
Ismay (Wanderers)
Ismay (Wanderers)
EW Ismay (Albion, British Columbia, Victoria)
EW Ismay (Wanderers)
EW Ismay (Orr's XI)
HA Ismay (Albion, Victoria)
HA Ismay (Wanderers)
HA Ismay (I Zingari)
HA Ismay (Wanderers)
HA Ismay (Albion Club of Vancouver)
W Issett (Middlesex County)
Isted (Parkdale)
Isted (Grace Church)
H Isted (Old Country Club)
H Isted (St James Cathedral)
P Isted (Old Country Club)
Ivamy (Denman)
Ivamy (Victoria)
WG Ivamy (British Columbia, Burrards, Crown, Vancouver, Vancouver Old Boys)
Ivel (Wanderers)
Ives (St Matthias)
Ives (Albion Club of Toronto)
Ives (Evangelia)
LC Ives (Crown)
P Ives (St Matthias)
Iveson (Hochelaga)
D Iveson (St Mark's)
W Iveson (Hochelaga)
PD Ivey (Upper Canada College)
Ivory (Canadian Pacific Railway)
G Ivory (Omemee)
I Ivory (Wanderers)
T Ivory (Wanderers)
T Ivory (Vancouver)
T Ivory (Canadian Pacific Railway)
V Iyer (Telus)
V Iyer (Royal Bank Lions)
A Izaz (Nova Scotia)
S Izhar (RBC CIMA Mayor's XI)
Izzard (Verdun Second XI)
HW Izzard (East Toronto)





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